Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Best coach ever

another whining post. 
if you don't like negative stuff then feel free to buzz off.

as I said in my previous post,
I was busy training for basketball.

Today was the second match.
For two matches i got to play for a total of...
2 mins. or less.
best record ever.
even better than my first year.
I think I played for about 5 mins during my first year.
Last year was the worst.
I played in all of the games and in almost every quarter.
Tiring right,
but I was glad.

This year,
with this new so called coach,
it was great.

First time ever
after a match,
we were asked us to say something about the match.
when it was the "coach"'s turn,
he didn't say anything.

I dunno bout you,
but I think a coaches job scope includes
pointing out the good things/ actions
so that we can continue that
and point out the wrong/bad moves
so that we'll refrain them.

This coach is so nice.
He didn't give comment.

8 you la asshole.
You get RM150 just to sit there,
watch us play,
come late or dun come to practice,
disturb us by practicing your shooting while we practice,
scold other team's ppl noob meh?

He didn't even come to all our trainings.
a senior was more of a coach than he is.
He was with us more than the "coach" did,
taught us more stuff.
To me,
Marcus is the coach.
Not that piece of crap.

Why do we need a coach when a coach doesn't help?

I could see a dozen problems and he as a coach can't even point out 1?
At least say what was good and right,
so that the other players know what to do.

I dun feel like I'm in the team this year.

I know we shouldn't expect something in return when we give,
but this is too hard for me.
I'm not a saint.
I'm just a normal always unhappy with her life bitch
who, when giving, 
expects to get more or not too little compared to those who don't commit.

I should've joined track and field,
or just stayed in my room and join them once in awhile like shiah did.
why did I waste all my time and energy?
All the injuries I got and for what?
I'm still hoping that my hand can recover.
Doesn't seem to be recovering.

but like they say,
(it means erm....
we wouldn't know something is going to happen until it already has,
there is no turning back)

I'm just so frustrated with this whole thing.
Feel like crying out loud,
Or just giving that assh0le coach a kick in his nuts would be great.

It's just not fair. Whoever said God is fair is lying to him/herself.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. we lost,
Not the best game.


  1. Can tell he is just not interested in coaching.

    No one reflect this to a more senior person?

  2. lol i think i might know this guy =P