Friday, 22 October 2010

The alone day

Today was my alone day.

Woke up this morning at 11am.
Can't believe I woke up so late.
I wanted to go out.

I knew I had to go out alone.
I don't mind going out alone,
but I'd always be glad if someone could go with me.

Cancelled my plans for RedBox. 
I dun feel like singing alone.

Like Kenneth (once) said,
it's super emo,
and I think I'm emo enough 
so that extra emo can wait.

Went to Mid to watch Detective Dee.
A cantonese film.
Not bad.

There was a beauty fair.
Went to look around and got bottom false lashes.
I didn't know they sold them for so cheap.

I even got these really cool looking upper lashes

which I dunno if I would ever wear them out.
They're made out of feathers.

To the college dinner perhaps.

Walked around a little,
got some groceries and came back again.
Ate my lunch (large fries from McD)
at 5 something

I just dun like eating alone.
Since there's no1 in the room,
I ate alone.

I like the spicy fries
(when you buy large fries, 
you'll get a packet of flavouring 
and you can shake shake shake it)
I prefer the cheese flavoured more.

Skipped dinner.
Thought I was gonna have dinner
with Seline coz I thought we were going to watch the basketball match together,
but plan changed and I didn't know.

Still went to watch the semi-finals girls basketball matches.
First game was 9th college vs 1st college.
1st won.

The no.7 of both teams were really good,
but the one from 9th was injured
quite badly I think,
but she continued playing until the end.

Some photos of the game.
(9th in blue and 1st in red)
After using my Elm,
iPhone's cam is just bad quality...

when she finally retired from the match.

Second match was 2nd vs 5th.
I'm on 5th's side.
(5th in white and 2nd in red and blue)

Warming up before the match.

more injuries.
2 of 2nd college's main players were injured.

5th won,
going into finals tomorrow to battle against 1st.
I support both teams.

the only time when I wasn't alone was when Hooy Pin came 
5mins before the match ended
and we went mamak together.
Which lasted for about 30mins
coz she had a meeting after that.
If she didn't come,
I would've spent my day without anyone's company.

who say's people can't live without friends?

When none of your friends share your interest or passion,
you're basically and island.

I am an island.

Pulau J_Fish.

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I think I have a lesbian crush on no.9 of 5th college.
She is such a great player.
I'd always choose a sporty person over a nerd.
Coz jocks could be smart,
but nerds will always be nerds.

O, and there were actually 2 other times when i wasn't alone.
One was when I almost ate with Voon,
lasted 5mins

one was when  
Shiah's sister drove me almost to gym2.
Also 5 mins.

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