Monday, 20 September 2010

The Runaways

we're not a band.

We were juz a group of ppl
who ran away from our lives
for 3 days.

Tioman is the name,
and Fun is the game.

(plus tanning.. --________--lll)

some of the pictures are taken by us,
some are from google.

our initial plan was to go to Redang or Perhentian
(both islands in Malaysia if you don't know)

We settled for Tioman in the end.
It's in Johor.
First time I went there.

Our room number, (Standard Chalet)
Where Selina, Shiah, Jason and I shared.
Voon, Susan, Ming and Natalie's room is juz next door.
attached to ours.
the double bed and 2 single pull out beds (where Jason is sitting)
The rest of the room.
(forgot to take a picture of the toilet)

The chalet faces a pond

with fishes and some other living things....
*thum thum thum*
as for what does "other living things" mean
you'll juz have to find out by yourselves.

The first thing we did after checking in,
Change and jump into the sea!!!

Was in the water most of the time
so didn't take pictures.

What I can say is,
the corals are really nice.
But we have to pay extra to see the really nice ones.
the marine park was disappointing.
Nothing much to see there.

when we went to the other islands by speedboat,
the deep blue made me scared.
I always love to look at the sea,
but am very scared to be in it.
It's so mysterious 
we can't really know what is down there.

another thing,
I'm terrified of fishes.
So when we went snorkelling,
all I can say is
"Go AWAY!!!"

ppl wanna see fishes but i ask them to go away.
I juz wanna see them from afar.
that's good enough for me.

The food at the resort was great.
Buffet style.
They do refill the food,
so it's ok to go late(r).
Loved the breakfast most.
Western style.
They even have a counter to fry the eggs in any form you like.

We had lots of Ramli's burger and ais kacang which was great 
under the burning sun.

More photos from the trip and google.
I only took those that I agree on from google.

we were torturing the sea cucumber.
group photo with Voon as the photographer.

Final day.

group photo on the last day.
Roomies for 2 days.
The ferry was late for more than an hour.
so we waited
and waited
and camwhored
and camwhored
and camwhored
and camwhored
and took funny photos
and took weird photos

and waited
and ate kuachi to kill time. XD

more unthemed photos.

and sadly
when we reached Mersing
we had more waiting to do.

Uno-ing at the bus station.
Some folks thought we were gambling there. XD
Look at Shiah's face. XD

It was awesome.

Because of the runaway
because of the sea,
because of the beaches
because of the corals and fishes
because of the sun
because of the food

and most of all

Because of the awesome people I went with.

LOVE is the word.

All of us are so tanned now.

Sun kissed skin so hot we'll melt your pop sickles ohohohohohoh ohohohoh~~

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

the only down side of Tioman is that there is NO nightlife.
after dinner
we UNO-ed and camwhored,
and went to bed at 10 something.


  1. Looks very fun ^_^

    Btw, the sea cucumber will die if it left the sea water for too long.

  2. it was like that when we saw it. the sea water left it there, lonely sitting on the beach.

  3. Wah seems fun weih! I never been there lo pity me =(