Monday, 6 September 2010

the harasser

I've been harassed by some guy(s).

so this person calls
and doesn't talk.
so i thought that the line is bad or something.
so i hang up.

turns out that this pervert juz wants to check if i'm female.

i dunno yet,
i sent a msg asking the person who he or she is
and below is the "conversation"

blue is his replies and pink is mine

didn't understand half of what he's talking about...
(if you understand please tell me what the fuck is he saying.)

U perepuan bt seys kah. psl tnya prepuan mcm itu ada lani? oksms mai jmp tmpt mna? tlg sms.

I assume that he's asking if i'm the girl/woman who gives sex services or something like that. 
I answered :

No. Wrong number.

then this stupid guy ( I say his stupid coz he can't understand what i juz sent him) replies this.

Ta fhm u htr apa no number apa?

i assume he means he doesn't understand wat does wrong number means.

I answered:

Salah nombor. Tak ada orang cam ni.

and he sends another msg that i can't understand... :

Cam mcm mna dgn wak tlg nombor awak lani jga sms skrg?

So i told him the truth:

Tak faham la.

and he replied:

Mau ckp syesx dgn wak okkah. i tkt u mrh  pula? u suka mau htr bru i htr?

this i slightly understood.
i guess he meant is it ok if he wants to talk about sex with me. (WTF). 
and he's afraid that i might get angry. (DOUBLE WTF. any normal girl would be angry)

I told him:
tak nak. Tlg jangan hantar lagi.

and when I saw his reply,
I assume he's a retarded pervert.
coz he answered:

Bila mau htr. tlg cp pkl berapa baru i htr?


am I replying in french or what? TRIPLE WTF.

So i replied him:
bila bila pun tak nak.

and he called again after that!!!
didn't answer him of course.

I know I'm stupid coz i replied him so many times.
Should've ignored him from the first msg.
I was assuming that he was a sane lonely person who wants sex too badly but don't have the balls to ask a person face to face and he would fuck off when I said NO.


he's an insane/perverted lonely person who wants sex too badly but don't have balls to ask a person or even talk to a person through the phone.


he could be a 13 year old trying to talk about sex but is embarrassed because he shouldn't be at this age.

(his number is saved under the name "pervert" in my phone book so I won't answer when his calls)

If you know this person or people like this
please stop him from harassing people.

because if I get another sms or call from him,
i'm gonna post his number here so that the world could find out who he is.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. wahahahaha.....juz swear at him if he harasses u again...

  2. i dun think he'll understand coz i dunno how to swear in BM. XD

  3. Maybe someone wrote ur number behind toilet doors somewhere >.<

  4. hahahaha. very funny! lol. next time try playing with him and see. den show us here! =p

  5. kelvin: wa... i dun think i made anyone so angry with me... if it was, it would probably be a guy who wrote it.

    henry: play like how?