Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Apparently I've been invited by Nuffnang to a green event by DiGi
for those who answered the green quiz and are among the top scorers.

I can't belive I'm one of the top scorers coz 
I actually got quite low marks for the quiz...

I guess there are just too little people who answer the quiz.
I'd love to go,
but I dunno anyone else who's going
and I'm a super wallflower
so if I go alone
I'd die there,
stuck to the wall.

Anyone else going?

Well this email kept me wondering
how many people out there are actually trying to make a difference?

by simply not taking/ returning the plastic bags when they're given,
you're already doing the Earth a favor.

that you can turn down the plastic bag offer?

but how many actually does it?

Mr J.O for one, doesn't.
Shame on you (and me for not able to convert you into a greenie)

Sometimes it just takes a little near to nothing effort to make things better.
Like not taking the plastic bag when you don't need it.
Say if you buy a bottle of mineral water.
surely you're gonna drink it and throw the bag away.

Next time,
just say "No thx, I don't need the plastic bag."
it's not a difficult sentence to say.

(it's best NOT to buy bottled water anyway)
bring your own bag and bottle of water.
It's cheaper anyway.

Designers should start a trend
where bringing huge bags are the next thing for the season.
That is,
if they care of course.

Most fashion conscious people don't.

I wonder how many bimbos out there care for the environment...

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Tat means only a few ppl did the test XD

  2. I did say no to plastic bag when I went shopping. So basically I just stuff everything in my handbag which end up looking i hide a baby inside the bag