Thursday, 2 September 2010


that stands for Fuck My Basketball Life.
coz i think i can't play basketball anytime in the near future
due to an "injury".. wtf..

was training yesterday night
i forgot wat i was trying to do 
but eventually i hit the ball with my finger.
it hurt like hell...

and there they are

ok, i have very wrinkled fingers..

but look at this little finger on my right
it didn't get bitten by a fish.
notice that's it's slightly fatter than my ring finger.

and i had to do this to it.
so that i won't bend it too much
and it will recover faster.

now i only have four fingers on my right hand.


i dun think i can hold the ball and shoot straight with 4 fingers...

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Can lah, 4 fingers also can shoot one. Maybe even more accurate wor~

  2. haha... i tried. can't. T-----------T. end of basketball career. XD

  3. no way its the end girl....surely ur finger can heal in time for training...

  4. the swelling's almost gone, but my knuckles still hurt.. i think i "moved" it or something

  5. Even if I have 6 fingers i still cannot shoot LOL

    I hate basketball because it is always basketball play me not in the other way.

  6. Training? You play for school team? Let's play together once your finger is recover. xD

  7. That kind of thing is normal whenever you play basketball.Everybody faced it in face,I faced it probably hunderds of time!You can still play but don't focus too much on the injured finger.Perhaps dribble lightly would be enough :)