Friday, 20 August 2010

worst dream of a shopaholic

i think i juz encountered my worst nightmare as a shopaholic...

i went shopping with my sister for some beachwear and stuff.
(going to tioman this raya holidays!!! YAY!!!)
then i saw this swimsuit that's really nice
(can't rmb the design)

so i asked the promoter
how much is this?
she said
RMxxx (can't rmb the price)
and i replied 
after discount?
no discount.
i thought we're in the sale season?
and the salesgirl and my sister both said:

"it ended last week week week week week...".

*echoes and fades off...*

the end of nightmare.

i guess i'm having this dream coz
1. we are in the sale season
2. can't wait to go tioman!!!

I've been really lazy to update my blog this sem.
unlike last sem when i updated twice or thrice a day..
i have less credit hours= more free time...(?)
i even on fb less.

i don't know where my time went.
maybe now i spend more time chatting...
chatting is the new important thing to do for me.

and redbox. XD

went 2 days in a row
and was happy with both.

especially today.
ended really well. 
because you loved me~~~~ 
(never thought i would sing a Celine Dion song in RB)

but i still think i can go for more!!!

anyone? ^______________^
(call me *wink* XD)

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. haha.. can dream like that also.. you too excited about the sale edy =P

  2. haha... it really was a dream.