Sunday, 8 August 2010

totally random

cut off a big chunk of  hair yesterday.

just wanted to have a change in my hair style.

i really like the emo hairstyle.
not the extreme ones of course,
but very layered.
the top is thicker and the bottom is thinner.

example of extreme emo hair.

example of not extreme emo hair.
photos from this blog.

i tried to cut it that way
but i juz made it thinner. XD

my scissors are 16.5cm long.
from tip to handle.

so you can imagine how much hair i snipped off.

but to my surprise,
i still have quite some hair left....
i didn't know i had so much hair. XD

gonna try snipping a little more here and there.
so that it at least have the shape of emo-ish.

will post photos when i'm finally happy with it,
(or when i've finally screwed up.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. no1 noticed except my roommie who saw me cut it. XP
not even you Mr. J!!!! >____________<


  1. thats really a lot of hair.. more than the hair i got on my head i think =P

  2. long hair ma... if i cut off all my long part there would be a lot more.

  3. haha all girls hate the moment when they chopped off their hair.

  4. i don't. XD i don't really mind.