Sunday, 15 August 2010

the movie and the song

went to watch love in disguise.

you know,
the film starring and directed by Leehom.

i watch chick flicks (especially those with super idols) in cinemas

1. i have no choice
2. i'm not paying for it

i was in both situations.

when your ever busy sister calls and ask to watch a movie with her
you can't say no.
especially when it's a chick flick and she can't really ask her bf.
(not to mention it's in mandarin and her bf's a banana... shh...)
it would bore him to his bones i guess.

and i get to eat and watch a movie foc.
she brought me to Ding Tai Fong for dinner wor...

the xiao long bao

tofu (Mr J.o's favourite. XD)
with seaweed on top and mushroom at the side.

i seriously think that movie is a funny chick flick.
still a chick flick,
but funny.
(well which chick flick isn't...)

go watch if u like chick flicks.
(and if someone else is paying)

i like the song.

你不知道的事 (things you never know)

like this song.
easy to follow.
but i think it's kinda Jay Chow-ish.
the way he sings anyway.

another song that i'd like to talk about...

love! from Hebe of S.H.E

i think it's a really unique song.
it's not a kind of song that you'd sing in a contest
but it's a great song to listen to.
kinda like some of Faye Wong songs
(if ya'll still remember her)

i like her voice lots.
very clear and erm.. pure?

that's wat J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. yesterday was my first basketball training
after stopping for idk how many months...
now my body's aching like
i juz the day after i finished the Penang Bridge half marathon..

well i did a lot of exercise yesterday
i believe that i'm getting thinner.
which is.... bad...?

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