Thursday, 5 August 2010

so what is love?

our civilization class was studying about love songs
and love of course.

Jean asked us a few questions
that i've never really thought about.

and we have to write an essay about what we think love is.

after that discussion,
i find that seriously,
i'm incapable of truly loving someone other than myself.
more than that.

i can't trust people other than my family members.
sad to say,
not even my bf.
the slightest thing that he do or did not do could agitate me.

so it's my fault,
not yours.

now i have to write the essay,
it had me thinking.

do you believe in love at first sight?

is it possible that people mistake physical or even sexual attraction for love?

in a lot of movies,
we could see that 
a lot of the characters have sex on their first date.

and then after spending sometime together,
they finally realized that they're in love.

i'm not sure if that's what people really do,
but it has to be based on something right?

is it possible that someone thinks that they're in love 
because of the physical attraction?

when you miss someone,
is it because you miss holding their hand,
or even... f*ing...

or do you miss them because you're lonely
or because you've finished doing all the thing needed to be done
and the free time makes you feel empty?

i think we miss people because we miss their absence.
we miss spending time with them.
but if you've gone all the way,
how would you know you're not missing spending those time with them?

so how do we actually tell if we're in love with someone or juz attracted physically?

how do you define being in love?

that's what J_Fish has been wondering about~ Au Revoir~

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