Sunday, 29 August 2010

the revival of the shopaholic

i swear i killed the shopaholic in me.
i've stopped being a shopaholic for a few months.
at that time,
i juz don't feel like buying anything.
especially clothes.

but yesterday,
Daniel Radcliffe waved his wand and
the real me was alive again!!!

(ya sure, blame it on him)

went shopping with Mr. J.O
and bought a padini checkers shirt.

RM 89  RM 40.05
(50%+10% discount)

Nail polish from Face Shop


Dark Blue and Black

RM 9.80 RM 8.80 (10% discount)

ZA lipsticks

RM27.90 RM23.70
(buy 1 free 1)

A movie ticket

RM 12

and dinner at sushi zanmai.

about RM 46 for 2 people.

(i think that's all)

I'm not gonna talk about Repo Man.
all I can say is,
if you like movies with a twist,
(or/and the Saw series)
you'll like this movie.

went to Pavilion with Jason.

we had nothing to do
and didn't want to go midvalley again,
so we juz went there to shop around.

I bought

lunch. XD

at i love yoo.

the guy preparing the yao zha guai is quite cute. 

wanted to have asam laksa
but then it was RM 7.50

It only cost about RM2.50 at Penang
and I'm going back next week.

Asam Laksa can wait.

i have more things to spend money on. XP

I bought Revlon lipstick
(yes, another 1)

RM30 RM 15
(50% discount)

now they have a threesome can play together

PDI tank top

RM29 per piece
RM39 for 2 

Jason bought a singlet 
so I got this for RM19.50

i love the green

A MANGO tank top

Dark Green

(only not on sale item that i bought
[item here not including food])
cheaper than the PDI tank.

 Grande Starbuck Caramel Frappocino
(with cream)

RM 13.15

I guess that's all.

the TOTAL that I've spent for 2 days?

 RM 8.80
 RM 3.90
+ RM13.15


the photos that' i took.

the paper bag. 
super small
but i like it.
it's paper.

can't remember the last time I bought anything from starbucks...
I decided to have it today
coz i was thinking
"since i've already spent so much,
what would another sinful thing be?"

I should stop spending right?

my super wrinkled fingers and my nail polish.
(my signature (?) pose)

focus on the lips please.
this is what the colour of the revlon lipstick looks like.

no I didn't buy new contacts,
but I mad love my eyes here.

in Zanmai.

and introducing Mr J.O.

not a really nice picture.
his nose looks fake somehow. XD

but it's good enough.

(our shirt is not bought at the same place. XP)

after walking around for half a day
trying to find a bag for Jason,
I've come to a conclusion:


There are so many shops selling girl stuff and so little selling guy stuff...

if there are as many i bet they would buy as much too.

especilly Jason. XD

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. I LOVE (shopping when there's) SALE!!!!


  1. the picture of you wearing the checkered pdi shirt look so guai! and btw, where's the best place laksa in penang? i'm heading down after raya.

    ps. if i forgotten to drop by your blog to check out your reply, can you please reply it in my blog? thanks and sorry to mafan you. cheerios~

  2. I have the exact same tank top from PDI! Mine is green too I love green!!

    There is nothing wrong for a girl to be a shopaholic LOL

  3. I love to see girls in tank top XD

    From a beautiful point of view, not perverted one.