Thursday, 26 August 2010

paid for the horror

went to watch the descent 2.

i thought it came out months ago
since the nuffnang screening was in...
erm.... May?

can't remember.
I got the free tickets
but I was in Butterworth at that time.
sem break.

went with my coursemate Louise and her friends.

We got the best seats in the whole cinema.
second row from the screen in a small cinema.

When we got in
we were like
"shit. the screen is so big."

but then.. watever...

no spoiler here coz i'm not going to talk about the details.

wat I was wondering was,
why are all horror/thriller movies so not logical?

let's not talk about if the monsters
(or ghost)
could really exist
or if they have those powers (?)
or how do they live like that.

put all those aside.

I mean,
if you're in a cave,
there are monsters (?) coming at you
the only way they can sense you 
is by sound,
and you keep screaming?

and you even have time for a fight...

if I were in a cave and something's coming after me,
i know the way out,
I'd keep running till i get there
instead of taking my own sweet time talking about the past.

and why do they have to flash their flashlight at their own faces...
if you were in a dark cave,
wouldn't you focus on the way in front of you?

it was a funny thriller. =P
at least we can see the monsters(?).
and even where they.... 

that's wat J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. despite all the bad reviews,
i still wanna watch the last airbender.

call me stubborn.

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