Sunday, 15 August 2010

from a valedictorian's point of view

from a wat?
would probably come to your mind when you see the title.

A Valedictorian is the best student to graduate from an educational institution.
(probably high school, college or uni)
probably would have a few of them.
they usually give the speech during the graduation ceremony.

this is her speech that i found on youtube.

it's long,
so i'll sum it up for you into a sentence.

"schools should focus on learning more than on getting good results."

spot on~!!!

and that coming from a valedictorian..
is real good.

i do think that the current educational system
is not effective.

how are we supposed to learn if we're forced to take a subject that we're totally not interested?
subjects that has nothing to do with our future prospect that is.

but if you're not interested in simple math you still have to learn it
coz u'll use it almost everyday.

i never really liked (Malaysian) history.
it doesn't really talk about the history of Malaysia.
most of it is before Malaysia.

and obviously not a lot of ppl learn from history
coz it keeps repeating itself.

the sultans' names are almost the same.

i know kings of England and France have the same name too,
but at least they number them. 

why would the exact year of which events happen be important?

i think we should focus on what happened,
not when.

idk bout you,
but after studying for economic for 4 years,
i find that i like the subject a lot,
coz it's all about logic.
and logic is what i'm good at.
*high five to susan*
same goes for science.
i love science.
the science that i studied anyway.

the thing is,
the Malaysian educational system
focuses on how good you are at memorizing the "formula"
to answer the questions during exam.
like if you have these key words,
you get points,
if you say the same thing without the key words,
no points will be give.

so exams are to see how good u r at memorizing,
not understanding.

and the point of exams are.....?

my high school actually has an (unwritten) rule
that every student has to take at least 10 subjects for SPM.
(and score).
but if they let us choose what we like and the number of subjects,
and and focus on them 
we'd do better no?

i took economics and accounts for SPM,
(still) took economics (compulsory in my school for "arts" students)
[no idea why we're called are students when we don't study arts]
(we don't have real art students in form 6 anyway)
bussiness, and Mandarin for STPM.

ended up not needing any of them.
so my form 6 years are seriously meant for getting into a uni.
which luckily i did.
(and i didn't work hard till a month before exam)
it's not that hard coz all we have to do is memorize how to answer the questions.
no thinking involved.

if we can choose to take only what we wanna study
we would probably all be straight A students.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. But too bad ppl still look at results and qualifications. Many capable students can't get good jobs just coz they have no money to study more. Even for a same job, ppl with better results and qualifications will get more pay.

    Who to blame?