Saturday, 7 August 2010

The dream post

i'm totally bored.
so i came up with this post.
a huge chunk of my never coming true dreams.

i wanted to open a new blog page
a page where i really stop pretending.

i want to use my own designs for everything.

i want to go back to France.
live there and experience all 4 seasons.
have as much cheese and baguette as i want.

i want a pair of Aldos.

and something from Burberry.

i want to wake up and see the people i love
and they'd say "morning" to me.

i want to have my hair cut really short,
with the fringe swept to one side,
juz above the eye.
something like this
or this

i want to spend time and money on my own.
it's only fun when they both happen together.

i want to have my own place.
where i can decorate the way i want it.

yes, i wanna be a billionaire.
(millionaire would be as fine).

i want to have a car in kl.
really badly.
even my old baby would do.

i'm so tired of walking to the library to get on the bus.
not that i hate walking,
juz that i hate the people who stare at what i wear.
i wear is totally normal.
it's just that some ppl juz can't take it 
when ppl wear shorts or sleeveless.
GET A LIFE... or some fashion sense.
just because you should't wear this doesn't mean everyone shouldn't.

i want ppl to try their best at saving the earth.

i want to laugh my heart out as often as possible.

i want to have a conflict-free life.
especially with him.

i want to go on vacation.


where i can stand in the middle of a wide field full of yellow daffodils

on a hill with no one around
where the grass is always green

where the sky is ever blue
with strains of white clouds, shapeless but beautiful.

where the wind runs through every strain of my untied hair
and when the rain comes,
it doesn't pour, but drizzles and touch my cheeks.
where the sun kisses my skin softly
without feeling the heat

where the sea is near
and i can feel the breeze when i sit by my window.

where i can be free of my every burden here and now
where i can breathe in fresh clean air

when i go into the streets,
everyone would look you in the eyes, smile and say "hello".
where everyone plants their own food 
and trades them with others

where no one smokes
where no one judges me 
according to how i dress.

where there are no thieves or robbers
where the biggest crime is not greeting each other.

where everyone cycles or walks instead of drive.

where life is life,
and not a rat race.

if i can find a place like this,
i'll stay.

that's what's J_Fish dreams~ Au Revoir~

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