Wednesday, 4 August 2010

a collection of recent photos

can't remember when's this 
but it was in midvalley.

i think my boyfriend stood me up. >_______________<

with the voucher i only paid RM5 for a whole set of pizza. XD

bon odori's RM5 (i think) ice and the fan.
super enjoyed the night!!!

if you've seen the red and white sign b4,
you'd know that this photo is so wrong.

it's the sign that says "ladies' coach" and yet...

it's on the way back from bon odori. 
it was very late.
almost 12 i think.
we all juz got into one coach.

the clay used for pottery lessons.
taking it as co-c this sem.

the silly car owner who parked the car in the middle of the road
and got clamped for it.

notice the little yellow flag on the left
thing right next to the windscreen?

when you see this 
it means the car's clamped.


i think most of the ppl (i mean cars) don't really deserve to be clamped.

but this is definitely stupid.

ss photo. 
during a conference called 
"found in translation"

last monday
before going to the pasar malam.

slightly wavy hair.
my eyes look cheshire-ish...

but i can't smile with my teeth showing.

5mp photo.

the previous one is 1mp.
see the diff?

Jason's birthday!!!
a.k.a the day we discovered Chloe. 

at sushi zanmai.

apparently he wasn't enjoying it.
too stressed over what to order?

the cold green tea

the hot green tea

the oh-so-tempting menu.

with not-so-tempting prices. XD

another ss pic.
with zits. T------------T

and finally,
blurred susan and sad voon.

that's what J_Fish wants to show~ Au Revoir~

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