Wednesday, 28 July 2010

what not to do?

while attending an interview.

i just went to an attending an interview workshop
organised by UM's counseling section.

it's quite useful.
the speaker is really bubbly 
and i like her way of talking.
her hand smells nice too.

i'll tell you why i know it later.

i didn't smell her hand.

what not to do while attending an interview?

i only jotted down some notes..

this is my summary.

Do not choose the phone interview
(which is becoming more and more popular [coz can save cost])

because you'll be evaluated only by ur voice.
if you sound shaky,
they WILL know.

if you attend an interview,
the interviewers get to see and analyse more.
(if you think that's bad,
think again)

you could get more chances to prove them wrong.
(if your first impression is not good)

Do not ONLY address or greet one gender.
when you go into the room
address both sir and ma'am
(only if there are both genders)

Address the interviewers appropriately.
use common sense la...
don't call a pregnant lady miss

Do not extend ur hand to muslims of the other gender
UNLESS they do so first.
it might create and awkward situation 
if the person doesn't feel comfortable in shaking your hand.

when shaking someone's hand,
a firm grip without hurting the person would be the best.
shake the hand twice.

DO NOT go unprepared.

do some background check 
of the company before going for the interview.
Don't let them have the chance to get u when you can prepare for it first.

Don't speak too fast.

unless you're looking for a job as a sports commentator.

When the typical request "tell me about urself" is said,
don't tell them a grandmother story.

talk about ur experiences in the field that u're about to venture into,
or any point that you can connect to the job.

as the speaker said,
"this is not a history lesson about you and your family"

Do not wear anything new to an interview.

in case the things don't work how they should.
especially underwear. =P

Do not wear jeans or t-shirt to an interview.
(unless u're the interviewer).

even if the people working there said that they wear jeans to work.
they're already employees there.

you're not.

for guys,
don't wear a tie with short sleeved shirt.
always bring a tie
coz if others are wearing a tie
at least you're prepared.

don't wear colourful clothes.
keep the colours to two or less.
(i think white and black is safest)

for both genders
invest in a pair of black covered shoes
(court shoes?)
even if it will make you broke.

you'll get the money back.
(if you get the job of course)

Do not sit unless told.

if the interviewer forgot to tell you to sit down after some time,
ask politely if you may.

do not cross your legs.


coz no matter how prepared you are,
if you start to panic,
everything goes out the window.

- What does your company do?
- Are you going to do a background check?
 ~ if they don't they will check yours. don't make urself suspicious.
- When will i be eligible for a raise?
 ~hellooooo... you're not hired yet, REMEMBER?!
- Do you have any other jobs available?
- How soon can i transfer to another position?
- Tell me about the bus line to the company.
 ~ Welll, not really a question here,but it could be.
- Do you have smoking breaks?
 ~ I don't think that would leave a good impression. A LOT OF people hate smokers.
    (including MOI)
- Is my medical conditions covered under your insurance?
- Do you do a drug test?
 ~ again, don't make urself suspicious.
- If you hire me, can i wait until {more than 3 weeks from the interview} to start working?

DON'T smoke before the interview.
like i said,
a lot of ppl hate smokers.

and the smell usually gets stuck on ur clothes.

ppl WILL know.

Don't be plastic.

don't overwork the "charm" factor.
HR would know.

that's all that i can remember.
feel free to ask if you have any questions.

i'll try and ask the speaker. XP

good luck!!!

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. don't be too honest during an interview.
not saying that you should lie,
there are just stuff that you just keep to yourself.


  1. It's true. Get the job first, you can leave by anytime. HahA :D

  2. i realized that i didn't say why i know her hand smells good.

    she asked me to demonstrate the hand shake section. so shaked her hand a few times.

    and my hand smells nice too. XD

  3. Dropping here...nice entry friend, visit mine..latest entry for today ;D