Thursday, 8 July 2010

sex ed?

long post.

I read a post about sex education.

here's from my point of view.
might be offensive.

sex education is not really (ONLY) teaching people how to have sex.
obviously WTH.


i mean apparently schools won't let the students watch porn (in school).

but with all the websites on the internet,
do you think anything's gonna stop people (with internet excess) from learning about sex?
do you think keeping it taboo and pretend it doesn't exist will keep people from seeking it?


do you think that religion is enough to stop ppl from having sex?
first of all,
not everyone is a religious person.
they wouldn't care what God's gonna think if they don't care if there's a God would they?
and obviously,
even people who are religious could stumble.

i once saw a video running freely about in fb.
a girl was sitting on the boy's lap
and the boy's hand was 
rubbing the girl's breast under her tudung.
and i thought that people who care to wear tudung are more religious....
i guess i'm kinda naif to think like that huh...

so why should people 
(especially the young ones)
be educated about sex?

not everyone knows that after having sex,
you could get babies after nine to ten months...
especially unprotected sex.

don't laugh.

there are cases where the teenagers don't know what happened to them.
they keep getting fatter and fatter,
and when the time comes,
the baby "pops" out.

or so they claim.

and i wonder how their parents never found out....

i guess instead of avoiding it and expect the parents to talk about it
(some parents are not comfortable talking about sex)
sex education in school should be the best way.
of course it could always be set as a non-compulsory subject.

it's not telling people
"hey, it's ok to have sex, just do it safely". WTH.

of course the teachers won't encourage students to have sex,
but i think what sex ed is trying to do,
is to tell ppl,
what happens when (and after) you have sex,
show them the consequences.
(STD, babies, bankruptcy [you think babies are cheap {if you decide to keep them}?]etc etc)

and even after all those "warnings" if you still HAVE to do it,
play safe.

i dun think the teachers who teach this subject are gonna teach "techniques" WTH...
if you think that's what sex education is about,
you're wrong.

you think only pre-marital sex needs safe sex?

married couples should have safe sex too.
it's about birth control.
it doesn't work 100%,
but it's better than none.

not everyone wants 5 children.

and you could never be sure if you're your spouse's one and only.
whether you believe it or not.

of course certain religions don't permit the use of condoms, birth control pills and so on.
that's why they usually have big families.
(and might face financial problems)
but that's not our problem is it?

so stop blaming ppl from other religions 
who have less children for being more well-off.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. wat do you think?


  1. Visiting here my friend..Nice..My latest in innit 4 today Haha..

  2. the only sex education i had was when i was in form 3.. that's all =)

  3. Hey J_fish,
    this is one gutsy, thought provoking, mind boggling, heart thumbing, intellectually (or not) stimulating topic that you've written here.
    Being a single(once upon a time) I thought to myself, so what if younger people have sex? Just practice safely and responsibly, since whether you like it or not, hormones transcends all consciously made decisions! But now that I am a father to 2 daughters and a son, I freak out after reading an article that 60% of youngster today have experienced intercourse before their 16th birthday! Geez! There was no internet during my teenage years. And you know what! Many of us thought couples automatically be blessed with a child after marriage, and I thought sex only being practiced by ahem...ahem...dogs..(since i often see them humping in public during their estrous circle)... And I only got to know that women too have pubic hair when I was 14!!!
    The first time I saw porn, I didn't know whether to cry or puke! It was shocking!!! Can't imagine I was such a late bloomer when comes to sex, and now, I am a doctor!... hihi..

  4. haha... I think this comes from my blog no?

    I wasn't addressing it to any particular religion or for atheist - so no offense intended. And I am certainly NOT saying that girls with "tudung" are better or good girls. No way. especially not in this day and age. "Tudung" nowadays are only accessory to most people. In the true essence, it's not - but who cares anymore, right?

    and you're right. we don't know if the person we married is sleeping off somewhere else. Let's just hope they don't :)

    I'm sure sex edu is not about techniques. But browsing through the net and looking up at some of the examples of sex edu syllabus, I'd rather not have learn it at such a tender age where I would be more willing to 'try' just about anything and do what ppl say not to do. I'd rather be ignorant first, and learn about it slowly later.

    But hey, like you pointed out. It's back to one's perspective. We are all but entitled to our own opinions. cheerios girl :)

  5. And one more thing... I remember our first "official" sex education was the first topic in Sains Am in form three.. the teacher was so sheepish, she simply told us to,"baca sendiri, yahh??"
    I remember on our exercise book, we were required to draw a cut section(keratan rentas) of both the female and male anatomy. We did a prank on one of my friend, when he went to the toilet, we erased the "penis" which was flaccid, and redrew another penis.... with erection!! And another dude, we drew two penises with lizard like mouth at the tip!!!
    And yes, we were chased out of class and was sent to the headmaster....

  6. Hey!
    I like this post.
    Since you are actually poking at the faults of the educational system. Although I personally think it should be compulsory to all children.
    Screw all those who thinks that it is unnecessary and those who thinks its a sex teaching class.
    Totally agree that when a child is curious, nothing would be able to stop them from finding it out. Anyways with Google these days, it may be a good eye opener but there are also sites which would mislead the poor child.
    Sad to say tho, even if we do have sex ed in schools, i can sorta imagine teachers just passing out brochures and shying off to one corner.

    Wan Chee Hung - Funny!

  7. Most teachers in asian countries is like the parents, they dun really emphasis the importance of sex-ed.

  8. nice post on sex education...normally we will learn by nature...