Saturday, 24 July 2010

pressure on non-muslim clubs?


i'm gonna talk about religious stuff,
after reading this.
malaysian insider post
so it's sensitive. 
go away if you can't handle it.

this is the case.

this is real life experience.
and it's true.
so if you're gonna bomb me about this not being true,
you should open your eyes
and accept the fact.

the news report basically is about a few non-muslim religious clubs
in schools being closed down.

it didn't happen in my high school
coz we dun have muslim clubs.
it's a chinese school and we only have less than 10 malays.

make that 5.

apparently it's happening to some kebangsaan schools.

after getting into uni,
i see things differently.

i remembered clearly
that before every formal college event,
there'll be a person to baca doa (say the prayers... or something equivalent.)
but one day, 
they were stopped,
because it's religious.

but then
the thing is,
during the Deepavali Night,
the Hindus  were allowed to pray
before the event.

so think about it.

(at least) UM students would know that that's not possible.

because i lied.
it's the other way round.

when the Hindus proposed to pray before the Deepavali Night,
they got turned down 
they said it was too religious.

but before every formal event in college,
they'll ask someone to baca doa.

so the hundus praying is too religious 
but bacaan doa is not?

think about it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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  1. Sensitive issues >.<

    There should be a law tat forbid praying in non religious buildings.