Saturday, 31 July 2010

i care too much?

the simple politics

i think after being in the CC board

i kinda have this feeling of defending 
for the chinese community.

so here's the case.

we had our Minggu Keluarga Bestari.
A college activity held to help in the interaction
between seniors and juniors
(living in the same floor).

i was forced to join
since they came up with a new stupid rule.

i don't even wanna talk about the new rule.

throughout the 5 nights i was there,
i realized that the chinese 
(especially the GUYS)
are kinda disappointing.

they seriously go and sit,
don't participate even in cheers.
they act like they're better than everyone
and the activity is crap
(a fact which i don't deny
but still,
i don't act that way)

they sit behind when all guys should be in front.

they never think how would the others think about them.
i think they don't care.

the problem is,
when they do this,
the label or not cooperating
will be on "chinese"
and not on them.

and another thing i noticed,
chinese very rarely volunteer to join anything.
(in this event)

not only they don't volunteer,
they don't even do it when ppl ask
and push.
they just sit there
and pretend that they can't hear what the ppl are saying to them.

and because of this bunch of selfish bastards
other chinese have to suffer the consequences.

so last night,
the last night,
we were asked to say something about the whole event

i stood up
(i had to 
coz they keep asking the chinese juniors to talk
and they still kept the gold in their mouth.)

i really don't wanna make things worse.

so i apologized for all chinese
and i said what i think.
i said that most chinese are not committed.
and the chinese girls are offended.


if you are commintted,
why do you mind?
i said MOST
not ALL.

they think that they are committed because they went down and sat there.


just because you went and sit there doesn't make u COMMITTED.

it just means you went because of the attendance.

what i did was for the greater good.
i was merely trying to mend things.

i had to do something.

i'm not saying that i'm good,
i didn't say that i was committed.
i admitted that i went because of the new rule

but after i went back to my floor
i heard them talking loudly behind my back 
in the toilet.


and utterly PISSED OFF.

i don't think i should care anymore.
this is what i get for caring too much.

it is my final year here
and what happens to them is no longer my problem.


i hope what you get whatever you deserve.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Chill, maybe they are just not interested? Forced attendance are always like this.

  2. but since they're there already, might as well do something rather than sit there...

  3. relax sher...

    these juniors just dun understand wats its like to have stayed in college for a few years n the pressure we get from the non-chinese....

    n u certainly dint care too much...u did the right thing by apologizing...these chinese r seriously disappointing....

  4. thx my.. >__________<.. support from someone... ^___________^