Thursday, 29 July 2010

online shopping and real life shopping

i ordered 2 blouses from this website the day before yesterday.

paid yesterday

and got it today.

i was really glad that it came today,
coz i'm running out of clothes to wear.
and i have a date tomorrow. XP

i got it from the office
(need to collect all pos laju or ekspress from the college office)
on my way out with chi yee.

opened the box in his car.

was very very excited,
but i didn't really opened the plastic bag.

we went to secret recipe in 1U
I ordered 
chocolate banana
ice blended green tea
and chicken cordon bleu

he ordered
a brownie...

after finishing all that food,
we went shopping,
he followed me. =P

passed by a padini sale!!!

almost everything was RM9!!!

went inside,
went through a few bins
and felt that the small sized people are being punished.

why is it that it's always so hard
to find an S size during a sale?

can't they produce more S size and less L or XL....

gave up after a while
and went to cotton on.

i was looking for a singlet.
but nothing nice jumped off the page.

we left cotton on.

and went back to padini. XD

this time,
i was in luck.

i found singlets that are S size,
but only in black or white.

bought them anyway.

and a blouse that is L size.
want to have the korean style look.

i show you what i mean.

i bought 3 pieces of clothing from Padini and Seed for RM27.

so these are the clothes that i bought online
the girl's really cute right?

this is more to sexy...(?)

but i'm super unsatisfied with the first one lo...

this is how it looks when i wear it.

i don't have a big mirror in my room
so had to take photos in the corridor,
in front of other ppl's room...
here's how the collar looks like.

now look at the photo of the cute model again,

after some thought and analysis,
my room mate and i came to a conclusion

the model should approximately 145cm tall. WTF...
compare her collar with my collar.
and the lengh of her blouse with mine...

i'm only 157cm and there's already about 10cm diff....

her blouse looks so cute
mine juz look like a fucking pasar malam t-shirt.

and the other white blouse was nice,
except the part that there were stains here and there that couldn't be washed off.



i'm done with online shopping.

real life shopping is so much more fun.
i get to choose,
try and pay and get the clothes on the spot,
without having to walk all the way to the bank,
and wait anxiously for the package to arrive.

i am,
after all a shopaholic.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i might not be a good model i think....


  1. U sure its the same piece?

  2. yeah.. i prefer shopping at the malls compared with online ones.. =)

  3. i have no idea... they cheated me i guess.. if they didn't i feel cheated anyway.

  4. thats d risk of online shopping :P

  5. where did u buy those shirt? same goes to me. but still, i like on9 shopping. but not for clothes.