Thursday, 1 July 2010

lappy's day off

i let my lappy rest the whole day yesterday.

i know that it'll be tortured again when i get back to kl.
so i decided to let it rest for a day.
just one.

went for a meeting yesterday morning.
after that went back to my high school to have lunch
with the ppl in the meeting.

it's the alumni's meeting anyway.

i do miss the food there.
nice and cheap.

the aunty didn't even charged me when i added egg to my hokkien mee. XD

thx to J i finally can take pictures!!!
but for some unknown reason 
i can't send the pictures from phone to lappy...
so we're basically back to square one.

no post with my recent photos.
after we finished lunch at school,
we continued to another shop not far from it.
ordered a drink each and joked and literally laughed out loud.

really funny lot. XD

we were talking about our dinner party for the alumni next year.
and they said we should change the theme to hawaiian night.
and girls can only wear bikini and guys don't need to wear anything.  wear leaves. 

then someone pointed out that no girls would attend.

then a smart idea came.
we give them the bikinis when they come. XD

and we wear them over our clothes? 
it'll become super heroes night instead of hawaiian night. 

doesn't sound as funny typed out... 

after all that laughing
went home and started to read harry potter...

i have no idea what to do other than read.
and harry potter's the only book that i find interesting.
and it's thick.

am gonna go on reading the book. 
and after this post i'm gonna let my lappy rest again.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. xiaxue is totally turning into another dawn herself.
only diff is she admits it.

wonder if she'll continue calling dawn plasticzilla since she's one herself... XP

i'm not on either side. so if you feel like attacking me, i juz dun care.


  1. my laptop doesnt rest even a day.. unless im not at home =P

  2. the poor thing..

    mine's not getting any rest when i get back to kl though... >_________<

  3. My computer is 24/7 XD
    And my parents still have no clue wat makes the electricity bills so expensive~