Wednesday, 14 July 2010

the lame story of animals

quite long and as the title says,
read ONLY if you're patient. XD

once upon a time 
on an island far far way,
there was a forest where a lot of animals lived together (in "harmony").
everyone kind or species of animal had their own duty to keep the island afloat.
therefore, they have to work together to survive.

like most of the stories that involve animals in a forest or jungle,
the lions rule. 
it has been like this since the very beginning 
so they thought that since it's been like that for so long,
they are the greatest and it should always stay this way. 
the other animals thought so too.

the panthers were always the messengers for long distance on the island
while the rabbits and hares were for short distance.
the animals thought that since they are the fastest runners on the island,
they could always deliver the messages across asap.
and therefore they always depended on them.

everyone hated the foxes.
they thought that the foxes are always the most cunning animals (on the island).
they steal, cheat, lie and do whatever they can to get their hands on what they want.

no one would hire sloths. 
everyone thought that they are the laziest animals
and they're really slow moving.
but because one of the sloths once saved a lion long long ago,
(he didn't actually. 
he was just hanging there on a branch when the lion was attacked and the branch broke and hit the attacker on the head and he died.
the attacker died, not the sloth.)
there was a rule that says you cannot turn down a sloth if they request to work at your shop.

but the animals weren't really worried about this rule.
because they think that the sloths are so lazy they won't really go looking for jobs.

everyone assumed that the tigers are always the bullies
because they look scary.
they always believed that the tigers are after the throne but cannot because there are less tigers than lions
and if a fight broke out the lions would always win.

the animals thought that the cows and sheep should always stay in the fields and eat grass.

the tortoises always thought that they are the useless lot.
because they are so slow,
whenever there's a sale,
they would get there last and get all the left over XXL size clothes.
so they're the un-cool and un-trendy lot.
but they're actually the wises
because they're so slow they don't bother to go anywhere 
so they just stay where they are and ponder upon something.
which make them very philosophical.

the bees were always thought as the most hardworking group,
but they're known as anti-social because they keep to themselves all the time.
but they're not.
living in huge colonies makes it hard to be anti-social.

one day,
a colony of birds (about 1000) flew over the island and decided to stay there for awhile.
the lions sent the panthers and hared all over and asked an animal of every kind to gather and greet them.

unknowing to the animals,
a few of the birds was sick when they landed.
they still joined the welcome party and greeted a few of the animals
and the animals got sick to.
after a few days,
the families of the animals who greeted the sick birds fell sick and some even died.

the animals went to the lions and complained.

after a long meeting,
they decided that the birds are all dangerous,
so they banished them from the island.

the end.

ok, stupid ending,
but here's the actual point of the story.

replace every animal in the story with a race.
any race.
and you get a very racist story.

the thing about racism,
is that there are positive and negative sides.

and people tend to be sensitive when it comes to strangers.
like the birds,
only a few out of 1000 was sick,
and they banished the whole lot,
because they thought that all of them were bad.

get my point?

it's ok if you didn't.
just think that it's a lame story and run along. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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