Tuesday, 6 July 2010

IQ test

have you ever taken any IQ test?

as i was preparing breakfast this morning
this idea juz came to my mind.
how smart am i... really?

(i know, mad random right)

so i googled 
"free IQ test"
and did a few.

IQ actually stands for Intelligence Quotient

I.Q. Range (15SD)Intelligence Classification
25 - 40Severe mental disability
40 - 55Moderate mental disability
55 - 70Mild mental disability
70 - 85Borderline mental disability
85 - 114Average
115 - 130Above average
130 - 145Moderately gifted
145 - 160Highly gifted
160 - 175Exceptionally gifted
Over 175Profoundly gifted
would you take the test?

or do you think you're smart no matter what the results say?

try these.

test 1

test 2

tell me your results and i'll tell you mine. ^_________^

this one is kinda diff.
i think it needs more knowledge and a good command of english to do.

try it. 

say's it from mensa...

according to wiki,
the most common IQ is 100.
(if i didn't misunderstood it)

if you'd like to try other IQ test you can always google them,
but some are frauds...
ask for money to get ur results.
and some are made by people who don't have anything better to do.

tell me the links if you find useful ones. ^___________^
which of these tests give the best score for your IQ?
i would say test 2.

to know how smart are you according to the results,
click here.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~ 


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  2. i forgot my IQ how much d..but I took a mensa test and I passed the test and thus regarded as genius? but I never feel anything about that anyway..hehe

  3. I got 141 on the 1st test, can't do the 2nd one coz my mouse left click is very loose...tends to double click and jumps the questions in test 2:(

  4. 120 for first. second didn't play.

  5. you passed a mensa test!!! cool!!

  6. i got 147 for the first and 122 for the second. ^___________^