Sunday, 4 July 2010

IA games

IA games stands for inter assembly games.
where a few brethren churches from penang come together for something like sports day.

it used to be fun.
coz i knew most of the ppl.
but now...
i feel old...

my "generation" has mostly left for college and uni..
so only a few of us left...
and we have to run around playing captains ball and the ultimate frisbee.

for those who dunno what captain's ball is,
it's something similar to basketball.
can't bounce the ball.

and the hoops are replaced by ppl.
that would be a lot easier to score,
but there is also a guard or keeper or defender to stop the person from getting hold of the ball.

the ultimate frisbee is not so fun
(according to me).

it's harder to catch and harder to prdict where it goes.
the angle, the wind and the strengh used to toss it all contribute to the hardness.

after being scorched by the sun
(we played till about 1pm under the glorious sun rays that weren't there a few hours ago...)
we had lunch
(very tasty home cooked food)

and continued with indoor games.

there were only 3 games,
but all needed a long time.

we went to the rope frenzy game.
it's a game where all team members need to hold on to a tug-o-war rope and tie it into a shoelace knot in the shortest time possible.

at first it took us about 5 mins to figure out that it's quite easy.
then the best time we got was 6 seconds.
but we have to do it twice.
can't manage to make it 6 seconds both times so our final time was 14 secs.

we were quite happy with that time.
but i really thought that we can do a lot better.

coz a lot of the other team mates were half sleeping...

my team mates enjoying themselves with a little unofficial game of tug-o-war after the game.

the second game was newspaper sculpting.

a game where we use newspaper and duct tape to form a list of things.
it's really fun.

the most annoying part is there are only limited.. rolls of duct tape around.
so everyones was yelling "tape!! tape!!" all over the place...

which was also funny at the same time.

the judge said our creativity was the best,
sadly we only managed to get half the amount of things done than the other groups.
but we got only about 10 marks behind.

bird cage with bird inside.
(the bird was falling off at the end of the day so someone had to hold it)

and this is amazing.
a t-rex. 
it doesn't look as nice from this angle..

tow boys and i made this...
it's a water plane.
the type that floats on water...
it was also falling apart when i took this... 

lack of duct tape

the third game was photo replica.
what we have to do was juz imitate the photos and take photos.
easy right?

not really..

we get photos like this

involves jumping....

our team only has a normal unglamorous cam so it's quite hard to get the jumping pic.
this is what it looks like from my phone...
super fail.

then we have this really funny ones.

a lot of tongue. 
if i'm not mistaken,
it's kind of a tradition for the orang asli of new zealand to do that.

this is what the guys looked like.

they're less muscular and alot more funny. XD

our group which consist of 4 churches combined didn't win a single game.
but i think we did have fun in the process...

other photos....

BWGH stands for Butterworth Gospel Hall.
the referee stating the rules and regs.
ppl playing captain's ball
(have no idea where's the ball. XD)
the very annoying rm40++ world cup horn thing.

it's very loud and like i said, ANNOYING!!!

the ultimate frisbee... where the frisbee is camouflaged by the tree...
someone trying to get the frisbee off the roof...
my cam can't zoom in too far.. but u can see a dot on the roof in the middle. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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