Thursday, 8 July 2010

a great day and disaster followed

the state of penang celebrated my birthday with me.
it was made a public holiday.


but if it was made a public holiday 22 years ago it would be an honour. XD

i didn't spend the whole day out,
only dinner with family and that's great already.

juz a good family meal before i get back.

got my new phone. ^_____________^

SE J10i, a.k.a SE Elm.

it's a little diff from the previous phones i've used.

first of all,
the "space" is the "0" button instead of the # button like other SE phones.

then it's under the "greenheart" project,
which means it does it's best to be energy saving.

even the screen changes brightness by itself.

new SD memory card which means i can't use the old one.

good news is,
it's cheap.
i dunno if it's not a good brand or watever reasons,
but the 2GB only cost RM35
and the 1GB cost RM30.

mad right?

RM5 more for 1GB. 

and did DiGi cancel the 50% reload bonus if you reload within 3 days from ur birthday?

i didn't get it.
only got 100 free D to D msgs.
which is like RM1.
i reloaded RM50 so it means i should get RM25 extra right?
i feel like i got conned....

that was the part about the great (birth)day.
and today,
disaster followed.

the case is,
i drive a very very old car.
(older than me)


i was on my way to penang
when the car started to make funny noises.
i did't really think about it,
but it got worse.
and in the end,
it broke down, stopped dead right when i'm in the middle of the toll booth.

the attendant helped me push my car out of the way of other cars

opened the hood to check what's wrong.
turns out that the timing belt was broken.

and i had to stand there waiting while my dear mom do her thing.

she's always the one we call when there's problem.
and she solves them.

my car was parked juz after the toll. 

while waiting i took some super random pics. 
very clear.
5.0MP cam. XD

there my baby sits,
with it's hood wide open looking at the bridge it never get to cross.

gonna sell him off soon. 

not gonna last long anyway.
it ran a good race.
and fought a good fight.
i'm proud of him
and i'm gonna miss him.

now it's towed all the way to penang without me by his side...
and left alone there 
(to be fixed)

hang in there baby!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. any predictions for WC? XD


  1. predictions? netherlands! =)

  2. Toyota LE. Did you change the timing belt every 100k KM? Pray your engine valve didn't crooked, if not that will cost you more..

  3. erm... it's not time to change it yet. luckily i was slowing down when it broke. just the piston's crooked.

  4. Normally the piston will only crack but not crook. Did the workshop tell you to change all four pistons?

  5. i have no idea. mom's handling it. i'm no longer in butterworth...

  6. LoL :D Hopes your mom didn't cheat by the workshop.