Monday, 12 July 2010

first day back in um and....

yesterday i finally got back to um...

i was really happy
excited to be back.

can't wait to see
juniors from college.

(spotted a really cute guy just now)

can't wait to see juniors for my course.

can't wait to see my friends again.

can't wait to eat ds food again.
can't wait to see course mate(s) again.


after checking-in and
finished moving my pile of junk to my new room,
went out to times square with jason straight away.

can't wait to get out and walk around in kl again)

after getting all the stuff that we need
(jason was the only one who bought something other than food)
we headed back.

just like that.
no shopping.

but we decided to walk back from station uni to college.
started to drizzle half way back.

got back and unpacked my stuff.
took a whole afternoon juz for the clothes.

i hate the new cupboard.

i can't even hang all my hangers in.....
so small.....

means i'm not allowed to buy any(more) clothes...


went to wendy's to celebrate my belated birthday with my babes.

photos tell all.
(super candid by the way.)

first pic.
ss shot while waiting for the others to arrive.

my chocolate tiramisu mousse cake!!

susan with sad face.
susan with happy face.
too old to play with candles..
use hand.

soon loong devouring the red and yellow cream.
cake cutting
foong, voon and susan. 
selina looking happy.
the unevenly divided cake
the babes 
the dudes

the final pic...

and after all that shiah me and selina headed to selina's house for WC finals.


and YAY!! ^_____________^

i guess staying up was worth it.


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. my favourite player?

spain's captain. 

he's not really cute but he's cool. XD


  1. lots of excitement and fun =)

  2. Happy birthday girl! And you look gorgeous! Lovin' your biggg eyes! :D