Monday, 28 June 2010

to J.O

this is to a particular someone.

if you disgust or feel jealous easily,
please leave now. XD

ppl who disgust or feel jealous easily gone??

here goes.

i know i've been cold,
i've always been like that.
you should know better than anyone.
but what you should also know,
is that even if i dun show it,
i loved all the time spent with you.

i'm sorry i let you wait for so long.
it's not totally my fault since u didn't tell me anything
for so many years. 

don't you worry about me missing you
coz i know you'll miss me more.

you have all those photos of me 
but i dun have any photos of you.....
not fair....

so you wait till i get back to kl.
i'm gonna make you as ss as me. XP
i might not use them as my wallpaper
but i'll look through them when you're not around.

i enjoyed today,
spending so much time with you.

i know you're trying to be the kind of person that i would love,
but i love you just the way you are.
and even though i dun say it,
you know i do. 

and last but not least,
this song is for you.
and it shall be our song.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. it's just gonna b 2 weeks. it's gonna pass in a (few million upon millions of) blinks of an eye.

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