Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Stepford wives

the stepford wives (2004 version) is a movie about a successful woman, Joanna who had a career downfall.

her downfall led her husband to quit his job and brought their family to the suburbs.

there, they find that all the women are pretty and very perfect (too perfect)
while the husbands are somehow geeky.
(well in normal life things juz dun happen that way often)

Joanna tries hard to adapt to this perfect world with some new found friends.
but things start to get creepy when Joanna's friends who moved in very soon after her changed completely overnight.

so now it's up to Joanna to find out the dark secret of stepford.

starring one of my favorite female actress, Nicole Kidman.

personally, i prefer her as a blondie.

the sound quality sucks,
but here's the trailer.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. walao can stop promote movie?
    all the movie seems nice n i wan watch it..n u better bring all tis movie to me when sem start!!!! buahaha...

  2. haha... but that's what i've been doing... ok. renting service.. rm5 per movie

  3. zzzz
    don rent la...i m like poor dog nw..
    do charity gud for ur social relationship...^________^

  4. u never intro cute guys to me pun... >__________<.. 1 cute guy per movie then. XD no need to pay.

  5. awww....
    another desperate gal..>_<
    u nid someone to be pampered so much?
    contact me..LOL

  6. Have u watch dogville from nicole kidman?

  7. nope. heard of it... i think. XD