Friday, 4 June 2010

a series of (not really unfortunate) events

very very long post.
alot to talk about.
photos are at the near end of the post.

today was redbox day.
woke up early.

i started playing gunbound again 

after erm....
a 5-7 year stop?

for those who dunno what's this,
it's an online war game with very cute tanks/ vehicles.

so total noob again.
was never good at aiming anyway.

got ready and all to go penang,
left home late to start with,
(but was very happy with my make-up)

then the not so happy events started.

when i got onto the ferry,
there were these malay guys who keeps starring.

don't you hate it when ppl stare....
well i absolutely DO!!!!

totally annoys me.

i found out that those who usually stare at me,
are malay guys.

maybe i look malay....

then i was approached by the guy who's car was parked in front of mine.
i thought he was walking by,
(i was looking at the other direction)
then i heard the lamest pick-up line ever
-- what time is it, miss?

it's a conversation starter.
but for ppl who know me,
that means fail.
unless u have something that can attract my attention,
i'll juz stop there.

then he gave me his name card,
talked bout his job,
asked me bout mine,
blah blah blah...

first time i got erm...

i dun know what ppl usually do,
so i did it my way.

i answered whatever he asked.
so it was,
question, answer, full stop.

i dun wanna be mean,
but i do believe and follow the dun-talk-to-strangers rule.
i don't talk to strangers (off the road)
unless it's in an event.
like a camp, conference, class etc..

he even asked me to call him and we can have lunch someday.

but no thanks.

the ferry reached the island.
ditched him in no time,
walked really fast back to my car

felt like the longest trip ever.....

avoided his car for as far as i could.
call me paranoid,
but i also believe that there are a lot of psychos out there.

penang traffic is such a bitch.
i drove with only first and second gear for almost the whole journey to guyney.
*rolls eyes*
and my air-cond broke down,
so it's hot and adds on to the frustration.

when i finally got to redbox i was almost 45 minutes late.

poor kenneth though.
he had to sing alone all that time. 
that was the only very fun part of my day.
singing my lung throat heart out.
ad fun singing FUCK YOU by lily allen. XD
too bad,
like kenneth said,
aerosmith is sad coz he didn't get to perform.
we were planning to sing it last.
but then redbox cut out time short.
so bon jovi was out last performer.

then we went window shopping.
and finally decided to leave gurney coz it's juz too boring there.

lost my car.
lost my sense of direction to my car.
sign of 22 year old age?

was going to have high tea,
but half way to where ever he wanted to bring me,
i decided to go home.
(since it's on the way to the penang bridge)

and that's where the second saddest part start.
before i got on to the bridge,
it's only 5.
not even peak hour yet...
since i was on my way back was planning to drop by and shop at jusco
(plus maybe have dinner with D)
but then he's on sick leave so.... go home lo...

since the jam totally ruined my shopping mood

i was stuck on the bridge for almost an hour.
suddenly the used to be longest bridge in asia is not so good after all..

and suddenly i envy the ppl on bikes.
they would have reached home by the time i got on the bridge......
watching them zoom by sucks.

the saddest part,

by the time i got near butterworth,
(still in first and second gear)
it was time my mom got off work= more traffic jam!!!
prai area.

once u get off the bridge,
u'll surely pass through prai area.
and that where the factories,
big ones are=
a lot of working ppl!!!=
more bikes zooming past!!!

and on top of all that,
it started to rain.
air-cond broke down= blurred windshield= cannot open the windows..
(but not envying the motorcyclist by then)
rained cats and dogs.
poor animals.
fetched my mom,
and drove home happily.
the end.


after more TRAFFIC JAM,
finally reached home after about 45mins.
on a jam free day,
it would take about 20 mins.

but then since i have all that pretty make-up on
juz have to do this
normal look
higher angle look
apparently this angle make my eyes look bigger
but my mom says i look fierce...
the negative meaning.

messy hair look
always loved the messy hair look

the "qun" look

and the "mong mye mong" look
the stupid look

the "eva" look
*america's next top model cycle 3 winner*

spent about 10mins taking pictures with this pose.
they all look almost the same right?

you get the point.

and finally,

a normal straight forward angle.

too lazy to edit any of them so juz slapped them on.

by the way,

got the netbook that comes *free with the streamyx uni pack.
*free of course with the obvious terms and conditions applied.

i'm actually holding it.
failed. XD

it's small.
the battery on the left is from my lappy(14")
the other one of course,
is of the netbook.

looks like my battery's baby. XD

since i'm not good with electronic stuff,
it took me quite long to have it working.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. trouble could be a friend, but traffic jams are totally bitches. >___________<
especially when you're driving alone with no radio.

i drive a very old car. XP


  1. i didnt play gunbound for a long long time edy =P

  2. U actually look a bit of ABC...are u one?

  3. ABC? as in american/australian/other countries that start with A born chinese? XD

    i didn't know that ABC have a diff look.. we all look chinese don't we?

    i've been raised in malaysia. juz a normal chinese girl next door.