Saturday, 19 June 2010

my water moments

the saddest thing about going on an island trip 

is not able to take photos in the water.
or not even too near.

we could be splashing around with the water 
instead of standing by the side
and staring at the waves come and go.
and one person always have to be the poor thing who needs to stay outta the water 
so that we can get photos.

but the worst thing about going on an island trip,
i don't even have a camera.

took all the photos using my phone.

so can u imagine if my phone falls into the water,
i loose 2 things for the fall of one. XD

for the coming perhentian trip,
it would be great to have a camera.

imagine the photos of fishes that we can get when we go snorkeling.
imagine taking the photo of the sunrise and sunset in the water.
imagine the photos of us actually enjoying ourselves splashing the water at each other.

and till i get a waterproof camera,
all we can do is exactly that.


there's a very great (and cool looking) camera out there.


well i actually like the black one. XD

i dun know much bout cameras,
but i know this is a super useful one.

let's look at the details that we need to know

approx 10.6 pixels
4x optical zoom
8x digital zoom
25mm wide angle
handheld twilight
(means we can get great pics even in a dim environment)

it can even zoom while recording a video.

with all that zoom...
hello cuties!!! XD

can even take panoramic photos

meaning we can take a photo of the whole surrounding area.

it can even take 10 photos in 1 second!!!!

but the most important thing
is it's WATERPROOF!!!

and shock and dust proof too.
very suitable for a messy person like me. XP

available in 5 colours
silver (quite similar with the green one)

red (more like hot pink to me)


and my personal favorite, black

my birthday wish?

you get the idea. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Good luck! Hope your wish comes true =]

  2. An ad post or u are hinting someone?

  3. Lol true true. Somebody always gotta stay out of the water to take pictures. I can't resist it and ended up spoiling my phone. lol:D

  4. rolling fumbling thug: thx.

    kelvin: a little bit of both. XD

    lindy: u mean u went into the water with ur phone?!

  5. hey how much yaa.. looks good. haha might get one for yyyooo.......myself..

    if i hav da marnehhhh