Saturday, 26 June 2010


do you know what this stands for?

if you don't,
you should.

if you haven't seen the movie,
you should at least have heard about it.

it's one of my favorite movies of all time.
the whole trilogy.

well i prefer the first (The Fellowship of the Ring) and last (The Return of the King).
the second one's kinda boring coz more talking.

tried to finish all 3 of them yesterday night
but i bit off more than i can swallow.

ended up going to sleep half way through The Two Towers. (the second movie)

so what do i like about the film?

Legolas of course.

a.k.a Orlando Bloom. 

you get the point.

in case you don't know who this is,
google him.

the synopsis would be sophisticated for me to write out.
but i'll try my best. 

once upon a time,
rings were forged and given to the leaders of the beings living on earth
to rule over them.
the ring was a symbol of power.

but one ring was forged to rule over them all.
the whole story evolved around this ring,
the evil it posesses
and how ppl want to destroy it.

The Fellowship of the Ring
speaks about the fellowship that's formed to protect the ppl sending the ring to be destroyed.

The Two Towers..
basically i have no idea how to summarize it. XD

The Return of the King
talks about ........
the return of the king lo. XD
and how the ring was finally destroyed.

there you go.
it's shitty i know. XP

tried reading the books but failed miserably.

my advice,

don't try it. 

all i can say is,
if you like mythic creatures, magic, war and hot, beautiful people,
you should watch this.


that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. i realise that nowadays all ur post are almost all bout movie. do u get comission by promoting it??
    *by promoting OLD movie i mean..

  2. haha... if i do i'd b rich since i'm promoting mostly famous movies. XD

    i usually talk about what i've been doing ma. since all i've been doing is watch movies then all i can say is about that lo.

    and my phone's camera's broken... so can't take pics liao. T-----------T...

  3. i cant remember the storyline edy =P

  4. I've read the book, all the 3 volumes, well *before* the movies came out... The way they did 'em was amazing..!

  5. Tats why movies with pretty boys always sold well XD

  6. Trying watchin' the extended versions ;) They are much better

  7. Ken: re-watch it!!

    Ri: you must really like reading. ^_________^

    Kelvin: not really... alot of movies have pretty boys. but not all are good.

    "I": i did. ^__________^