Friday, 18 June 2010

l'arc de triumph

the new background for my blog. ^_____________^
wanted to use the Eiffel Tower but it covers only half the page.

after visiting paris,
i guess this is one of the most liked places of my trip.
too bad my photos are in my sis's cam..

miss France...

found someone who can communicate with me in french~
in malaysia. XD

i think i'm in love with the new blogspot template design thingy.

too bad we can't used our own photos for the background.
would've used a sunset photo instead....
the one i took in pangkor with my friends for the cc survey trip.

missed that time.

can't wait for perhentian babes!!!
and i miss ya'll alot..

didn't imagine that i would so much but i do.
only less than a month ppl!!!

can't believe i'm gonna say this but....

can't wait for the holidays to end!!!!

i'm coming back!!! >____________<

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Nice layout you have there.

  2. why cant we use our own pic?
    r u sure? try upload ur pic to website then link it to ur blog..guesss tat willllllllllllllllll do~

  3. they dun have this function... i mean use the pic for this template.

  4. Your blog layout is pretty cool :)