Wednesday, 2 June 2010

of light bulb and fruits

woke up today and decided to have ham for breakfast.
luncheon meat to be exact.

so i cut them,
and decided,
should have the "american breakfast".

so i fried this and boiled that
and finally,
mon petit dejeuner

which consist of

a sausage,
8 pieces of luncheon meat,
an egg

home made mashed potatoes!!

didn't eat the banana... =P

went to guyney plaza yesterday for the film
with the happy couple

dawn and patrick.

they weren't kissing by the way.
i have no idea how this came out to look like that. XD

i think they're looking at the camera.

taken on the ferry to penang.

made a mental note that i shouldn't go out with them alone.
it's all johnny's fault. XP
i don't care what you say.. >__________<

i have to admit it,
i never liked being the light bulb.
i was like the permanent light bulb of hers.

she always could find good guys.
and i....

am too choosy i guess.

i bought these.
can't take a clear picture.
they're miniature fruit slices.
meant for decorating the nails.

it's been so long since i painted my nails,
and this is the first time i did 3D ones. 

they come out looking like this.

they look cute.

would look better with longer nails.
but i guess this will do. 

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~