Sunday, 20 June 2010

father's day celebration in advance

all about food yesterday.

didn't have proper breakfast,
so we went and had beef kuey teow soup for lunch.

after sending dad to his office,
went to carnival
walked around,
bought shoes. *yay*
and bought some food.

first we have sundae ice-cream from King's which cost RM3.99

then we have pringles

and on top of that we added my favorite brand of seaweed
which only cost RM4.99
(RM1 cheaper than those in KL)

then we combined all of those
and we get finger food. 

found a bench an sat down and juz began eating with my mom.

after that,
went home,
and got ready for dinner.

Al Khaleej Arabic Restaurant in Auto City.
(next to the highway side)

the bar/counter

the non-alcoholic beer
(very nice)
blueberry flavored but yellow in colour.

arabic coffee

the cup is tiny. 
the thing with the handle is actually the refill coffee.

the appetizer
which consists of grinded beans
(the 2 patches of grey at the sides)
and some other stuff i can't remember.

the main course
(eaten with arabic bread)
lotsa vege,
a sausage of chicken meat and lamb meat each
tomatoes and mushrooms.
yes, those are fries.

arabic "pizza"
there stuff is in the middle.

after we finished,
went to the bar and looked around.

i think the colourful bottles are for drinks.

the place that i loved the most in the restaurant.
it's actually quite dark there.
i think the restaurant's too bright anyway.

i didn't really enjoyed the food there.
too exotic for me i guess.
or we ordered the wrong stuff.
there was supposed to be belly dancing performances,
but they cancelled it coz there were other events around.

while leaving,
we walked past the Harley D show room.

the bike on the right most cost RM168,000.
enough to buy a very good car.
or a small house.

then we have the super bike galore.

went over to the other side of Auto City to have a walk.
Astro was having their father's day concert there.
so it was kinda crowded.

and on our way back to the car,
we saw these cars blasting their speakers/ woofers off.

dun like that kinda loud music.
it's silly to have huge speakers at the back of ur car coz u can't really use them while u're driving right?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. gonna watch toy story 3 tmr!!! yay!! XD

and there are quite a lot of police around everywhere.

i'm glad that they've finally decided to get outta their office.
the con,
easier to get summons...
and no discount.

i'm a reckless driver.

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