Tuesday, 15 June 2010

drum roll

and the answer to my previous post..

can i have the envelope please...

*drum roll*

RM90 is NOT WORTH IT.......

work is fine.

just distribute the survey forms and smile and ask them to fill them.
the freaking problem is we have to walk around in heels...

and the survey form is 5 f*ing pages....

what kinda survey has 5 f*ing pages......
some people are very nice.
they juz fill in everything
which needs about 10-15mins.

some juz run off with the pen.
it's not even a free gift f*ers.....

and the worst thing is....
the other girls
(from other companies)
juz have to stand there and distribute flyers and they get RM100!!!
and they get to wear flats...


and after standing for almost 8 hours in hight heels,
i have to get stuck in.... 

The Curse of Penang Bridge Traffic After Work Jam.

took me 2 hours to get home...WTH.......

so this is me,
trying to sound positive,

atleast 1 day is over and i'm RM90 richer!!!
(before deducting the freaking money "invested" for my uniform.)


that's what J_Fish has to F* say~ Au Revoir~


  1. No pain no gain~
    Is ur feet alright?

  2. they were alright. now... not so... but i'm RM90 richer!!1 XD