Friday, 25 June 2010

D dream

juz woke up.
had a very strange dream.

i was attending a wedding lunch
with Jo,
but we don't know any of the couples getting married.

yes, couples.
there were about 10-15 couples getting married.

most of the brides were really pretty.
but with afro hair..
it's actually curl but kinda short hair.
so it looks like big curled afro.
like in the 70s or 80s.

like i said,
it's a weird dream.

the venue of the lunch reception was weird-er

it was at a permanent chinese opera stage.
all red with a gate and compound for the viewers to sit.

i guess this kinda stages can only be found in old chinese villages.

they were standing there getting ready 
when we arrived.

we juz picked a table and sat around.
after that it was the introduction.

introduction of the newly-weds.

they kinda cha-cha-ed their way to the stage
and couple by couple they went up to the stage and bowed 
as the MC announced their names.

after that,
the lunch finally started.
and the weird price winner appeared.

it was D.
he looked fine,
the usual pale fairness on his face,
not the sick pale.
in a formal suit.
he was one of the best men i guess.

he sat down with us and we talked.
he said he was fine all the time.
he was better.

he could eat
and he was eating with us.
we were having western food.
steak and fish fillet.

but when he turned to add salt to his fillet,
i noticed there was something embedded in his left cheek near the ear.
there were 5 holes with plastic hoop looking things to hold them open.
they were about 2mm wide.

when i asked he said it was nothing.
just for the food to go down better.
even joked about it.

and that was when i woke up.

i guess i miss him.
that's all.
maybe a little worried.

don't get jealous or anxious J.

Get well soon D.

you said u were gonna bring me to TGIF for my birthday right?

it's coming soon and i hope u keep your word.

that's what J_fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. can't believe i blamed him for not being able to make it for dinner tonight. XD

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