Sunday, 6 June 2010


this post might offend people from a certain religion.
if you insist on continuing to read,
please do not leave any nanty comments
because i would just ignore them 
and you'll look like a total idiot.
thank you.

i need a getaway.

i almost had one yesterday, 
*free getaway,
but i hesitated.

it's not really a free holiday,
but i don't need to pay for it.
not full anyway.
i juz have to pay for the bus ticket to go back to kl.

and another 1 from langkawi back to penang.

it's actually a college activity.

why did i hesitate?

i went to a similar one last year.
except it was in Cameron highland.

this year,
they changed to Langkawi.

the man reason i hesitated,
is that i was not sure if i'd have fun.
even if it's free,
i would prefer to have fun while i'm on holiday right?

so what is the main reason that i won't have fun?

it's a college activity,
so it means there's gonna be a lot of muslims.
no offence,
but this is the truth.

whenever we have activities with muslims,
we would be spending quite some time waiting for them to pray,
at least 4 times a day,
coz the first would be early and wouldn't affect us.

and it is, sorry to say,
a waste of time for the non-muslims.
all we can do is sit and wait for them to finish praying.
worse if it's on fridays.

my point is,
we respect the fact that you have to pray,
we don't stop you,
but our time is wasted when we can go to so many diff places.

this from my point of view and it's the truth.
so if you're offended,
juz go away.

dun talk crap to me.

and there's another thing,
we can't wear shorts of sleeveless too.
it's not in the book,
but it would be immoral to "seduce" them would it?
and i still have one year to stay
so i wouldn't wanna do anything to take away that erm...

i worked for it anyway.

last year,
in cameron,
i wouldn't think of wearing shorts and sleeveless.
it's totally cool.

but we're going to an island here.

wearing long jeans or even just long pants would be stupid for us who have the freedom to dress.
come on,
the weather is freaking hot.
it's insane to wear long pants when we can not wear them.

i was thinking about it really hard,
if i should go that is.

i really wanted a getaway,
and i only have to do a little something to get it.

but what's the point of a free vacation if i can't enjoy it right?

but still,
i have absolutely nothing to do this week.
so i was definitely struggling.

but when soon loong called and said the place was taken,
i actually felt relieved.

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. respect just needs to be earned.
if you insist your rules upon others and ppl don't obey,
don't blame them.

i learned this the hard way.


  1. Religions...I don't understand why ppl believe in something that is create by some ppl who died so centuries ago...
    I apologize if i offended anybody.

  2. well, u r rite..but u can wear short n sleeveless too...erm, sleeveless i not sure anyway...
    u can wear tat when going around the island or go to the beach i think..
    of coz, during the seminar or watever thing, u nid to be formal..haha...
    but i support u...LOL

  3. i dun thing my shorts are ok. not the knee length shorts. shorts that we wear to pasar malam and in the room.

    i dun think they're ok with that. even if they don't say i can't wear it, when i do, they'll have that satu macam look. XD

  4. hm, get a longer shorts if so...anyway, u r not goin gso u no nid to bother bout it ...XD
    jz enjoy ur bore-happening holiday to its max..

  5. that's the saddest thing to wish ppl.... --________--lll but i will. XD

  6. maybe he misses me. too long no ppl bully him liao. XD