Thursday, 17 June 2010

bye bye nepcon

the 3 day work has finally ended.

*cheers and throws high heels, red top and white shorts confetti*

today was totally cool.

it was freezing.
i think they turn the air-cond on full blast.
we were almost turned into human ice cubes....
ice-poles. XD

it wasn't so bad.
(if we don't compare what we have with others)

that's the only way to feel happy i guess.

my colleague came in and told us during lunch time that the flyer girls get paid RM250 per day. 
i juz nudged and say....
haha... kidding.
i didn't say anything.

i juz don't mind anymore.
being angry or jealous won't raise our pay anyway. 

i can be positive too.

i'm not all that whiny ok.....

photo time.

work look.

somewhere behind those closed doors is a beautiful place called home.
somewhere i belong.

work tags

one of the exhibitors gave us this cookie.
it's very very hard.
needed to break it before u bite it.
or else...... bye by teeth. XD

and it's very hard to break too.

despite all that whining and complaining,
i kinda enjoyed working.
at least i have something to do.

and i met a couple of great ppl that could've turned out to be my best friends if we have more time together.
met some really nice exhibitors who let us use their booth to let the ppl fill in the 5 page long survey.
met some really rude ppl who never smile in 3 days.
met some really cute guys at the fair who keep smiling at me...
coz i smile at them first. XD
but then 3 days is enough.

i'd like my freedom back please.

finally realized that the bitch we thought she was wasn't really that bitchy at all.
she juz have that really "qun" look.
and too much work load.

sometimes we juz need time to know how ppl (really) are.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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