Saturday, 12 June 2010

another one of those nights + confession 7

it was another wedding dinner night.

my cousin's wedding dinner.
one year older than me.

to be honest,
i dun like wedding dinners.

they're mostly boring.

we go and sit with a bunch of ppl who we barely or probably don't know.
yam seng and...
go home.

this wedding dinner is kinda diff.

there's the same part.

we get to dress up.

which is sometimes a hassle.
(my sis didn't have a dress plus she's taller than me and bongkok)
so even when i lend her my dress she looks funny in it.

some photos to unbore ya'll first
staff waiting for the food presentation to start

the name list for table sitting..
got my name wrong.
not surprised.

the happy couple('s happy wedding pics).

look at the colours of the sky...
(before the dinner started)

that's my sis. XP

photos taken with my phone's camera.

the diff part,
is the dance floor.

this is the first time i attended a wedding dinner with space to dance.

i think it's a good idea to have a dance floor 
and some hot music
(towards the end when everybody's leaving or almost drunk)

first time felt like i was clubbing during wedding dinner. XD

and now, the vanity starts. XP

of course,
in all weddings,
there are always the romantic parts.

first part,
video of cousin when he went to KLIA to propose.
should be romantic right?

coz the video
was totally not going the right way.
kept getting jammed.

but there is a very romantic part

when he sang a song he wrote for her.
and the lyrics are so...
everyday life true. ^______________^

so freaking romantic!!!! >_____________<

there are the very lame parts like inviting the YB to give a speech.
why the heck did u invite the YB man?
does he even know you well enough to give a speech or juz coz he's the YB?

and the food came out so slow...

when you add the not so good parts with the good parts and divide it into 2,
i still think it's a nice dinner.
(because of the dance floor)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. after seeing those romantic stuff and a lot of thought,
(believe me when i say a lot.)
i think i do deserve to give my self a chance to be pampered and loved.


so this is it.

confession 7.

to whom it may concern,
i know we don't see eye to eye in everything
(almost nothing)  >___________<
but i'm letting "what-we-talked-about-when-we-were-waiting-for-the-ferry" go.

i'm willing to try and change, *hint*
and do it the "normal" way.
("normal" as in ur ways.
i assume ur ways are normal coz i know mine seems kinda twisted. XD)

i have no idea what went wrong (or right)
but i really can't get you outta my mind for these few days
after our "outing" together.

if you still feel the same way about me a few months ago,
i think i'm gonna give it a try.

if you think this is not gonna work out...

we're even. XP

you tried once,
and this is my try.

with all those obvious hints,
if you still dunno that i'm talking to you...

you must be joking...

guess i like you more than i imagined.

i'll tell ya'll bout it if anything happens k. >____________I

love ya'll and miss ya'll lots. T----------------------T

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