Friday, 21 May 2010

when it is worthy to be tired out

woke up at 5 something today.
went hiking with pin, chee keong and kelvin.

took the ferry.

forgot when was the last time i took the ferry without a car.

we reached the other side at about 7.45a.m.
but had to wait for kelvin.

took bus no.101 from one side all the way to the other terminal.
cost us RM4  and an hour by Rapid.
i guess if you want to break up with someone this is the spot to do it. XD

it's actually the hammer to break the glass of the bus in case of emergency.

the uncle was taking a nap on the trishaw.

and i didn't know that they have this
on the ring thing.

when we reached the other end it was about 9.30..

the penang national park.
didn't know that this place has turned into a national park. XD

needed to get passes at the counter.
they asked us to fill a form kinda thing.
i guess they wanna count how many ppl visit this place.

or in case someone gets murdered in the jungle they're know.
coz we need to sign after we come back out.

the gate way.
with pin and kelvin in the right lower corner. 
blowing a kiss to her? XD

the map.

i think it looks like a picture of our intestines. XD

so we started going up

and up
and up

and up.

a lot of stairs!!
and tree roots. XD

and half way in the middle of the jungle,
we saw this amazing discovery!!!


who is gonna read the notice there?!

and after about 50mins,

but it took more than that... 

the lake.

i forgot the name.
it's a lake where fresh water meets salt water.
the water is separated(?)into 2 parts.
up and down la.

lower part of the water (sea water)is warmer.

there are barely people.
after the group of women left
we kinda owned the whole beach!!!! XD

so we took our time to do this. XD

and a whole lot more that are in chee keong's camera.. T-------------T

i like the one most with me pretending to jump off the bridge while pin n kelvin trying to pull me back. XD

and of course,
being at the beach,
i had to do this.

take one. FAILED

take 2. YAY!!!

take 17....


looks like i was falling from the tree. 

but i landed safely. XD

the other hundred takes basically look like this. 


basically there's juz one take that really was good. (take 2)
like i said,
there's no1 there,
so we took our time taking photos with all kinds of weird poses.

pose!! XD

presenting the half naked crabs!!! XD

it was kinda hot so we hid under the bridge.

fully utilised the bridge.
took pic on it and under it.

dead fish stuck to the rock?
no, juz sleeping. now awaken. XD

saw a sign that we didn't understand...

no triangles on the beach?

this we understood.

oooh what's this?


we have this in penang. 

they have quite a few sign boards(?) there.
clever turtles.

cure for *ahem* jellyfish sting.

they even have tables and benches for ppl to eat on.
and a place to bathe.

i didn't get wet so didn't want to bathe.
we have to hike back anyway.

after the guys were done bathing,
we sat at the tables and you can never imagine what chee keong brought.

char bee hun!!! XD

and cards and even chinese chess. wth... XD

there's really nothing much to do there if you don't swim.
so bringing entertainment of your own is a good idea.

your iphone might be ok,
but there's no network coverage there.
so you can cancel your plans of going online there.

i guess the yellow man got tired  half way in the jungle and didn't follow us after all. 

after a few rounds of chor dai di (yes, we did that there) 
we decided it's time to head back.
everyone's eyes are juz growing heavier by the minute.
we need to get back before the heaviness reaches our legs. or ass.

when we finally reached the starting point.
drama queen i know.
it's not really that tiring la...

and i kinda look pregnant here. wtf..

i juz dun have a picture with a better angle. XD

after all that we actually went for late lunch.

we all fell asleep on the bus back.

when i woke up these malay boys were being so stupid.
they were disturbing everyone with their loud music. 

tsk tsk tsk...

and there were so many old folks travelling by bus nowadays.
i had to stand and let them sit.

the bus was "fully full"!!! XD

i guess this means Rapid is doing a good job 
coz the children trust it so much to let the old parents ride them.

the buses are quite new actually.

first time i took a Rapid bus. 

we went to Penang Road to have our laksa and the famous chendol.
ta pao of course.
we were too tired to eat there.


pantai kerachut (finally mentioned the name of the place) XD
was a very nice place to spend time with your loved one.
coz it's quite clean and quite peaceful too.

atleast it is for us.
unfortunately the 4 of us were not really "loved ones " to each other...
but we enjoyed it.
the tiredness was definitely worth it. ^_________________^

it's about an hour and a half's hike
(we finished in an hour)
but you can also take the boat
RM100 per boat.
takes up to 10 ppl.

find as many ppl as possible

coz even if there are only 4 of you,
the price is still RM100.

there's even a canopy walk.
but closed on Fridays...
RM5 per person.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. wore the contacts that can make the pupils look larger juz now. 

i dun see much diff....... XP

can you tell which eye is with the contact?


  1. very fun and nice rite? hahaha..i love kerachut so much..although its quite tiring hiking up there..but the end is more than worth it...