Sunday, 30 May 2010

rambutans and the story behind them

today's my second aunt's first death anniversary(?)

went to her house in the morning 
and coz mom was driving and we weren't paying attention 

we got lost.
luckily she found out quick enough.
it was juz a 10min detour. 

after going to my late aunts house for so many times,
we can still managed to get lost...


my uncle owns some land and he made it into a personal fruit plantation.

we used to get a lot of fruits from the place.


but i love rambutans the most.

as a kid i can't have more than 10 rambutans one shot.
coz if i do,
i'll start to cough the next day 
and it never goes away soon.

juz now after my mom prayed to her sis,
we went rambutan grabbing.

plucking i guess....

with this tool...
which can cut using the upper knife(?)
and the lower one.
my mom held it to the right place and i pulled the string pulling the lever.

partners in crime. XD

we never did this.

coz we always had our aunt to pluck them for us.
when we got them they were already in plastic bags,
ready to be undressed and eaten.

we never thought about it then,
but now,
i finally realized the story behind the rambutans.

thx aunt. 
but then it's too late right?

that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. the english version of nobody by wonder girls.

if you have extra time u can watch this too. ^________^

nad if you have a lot of extra time
you can learn the dance too. XD

it's an old song though... XP

look what others did

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  1. I got the tickets from tHe Spring. I was the first 50 to email them.