Wednesday, 19 May 2010



went out with darick, johnny, dawn and patrick after i updated my blog juz now.

i was bored so i asked around if anyone wants to go out.

it's been awhile since i saw D.
so got all dolled up with super thick make-up and curled my hair.

the initial plan was to go to queensbay,
then D said he had to avoid someone who's at queensbay.
so changed plan to gurney.

then when we were half way across the bridge dawn got a call from her bro.
needed to go to queensbay side anyway.

in the end...
yes, we went to queensbay.
talk about indecisive...

reached there at around 4 something.
but then D said he had to get home before 7.

if you said that earlier i would have wore t-shirt jeans and my straight hair...

or i could juz drive.. >____________<

we wandered around QB without any plan.

we went all the way over to penang and spent 2 hours there and went home again.

NOT. >_____________<

so not worth the dress-up...
especially when they're your best friend.

after i got home it was almost 7.
all that make-up.
don't waste it right?

so this is what i did. XP

that's it. 

all unedited. ^_____________^
(but with very thich ici. XD)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


applause please!! XD
i know i know,
it's not good,
but not bad for 3 days practice right? XD

it took like a hundred takes to get this.... >______________<
i almost gave up.

but when i thought i had all that make up on......
i picked up the guitar and sang. XD
makeup nowadays are getting more and more expensive...
tsk tsk tsk...
or should i say nowadays i'm  getting more and more expensive make up. XD
tsk tsk tsk....

now i can't really feel the tips of my fingers on the left hand. XD

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