Saturday, 1 May 2010

outing for 3 hours. (maybe less)

so, woke up at 7 something this morning.
didn't really know what to do.
don't feel like studying *shocked* ya sure.

so i watched a few movies,
opened my restaurant,
opened my hotel,
watched some crazy videos in youtube. XD

then at 10, got a msg from selina that says she's going out to meet her parents in mid.
she asked if i wanna go along.
but wait, 
she said we'll leave at 10.30.

so i rushed through bathing, dressing-up and make-up in 20mins time.

i actually can do that.
it's juz that if i have the impression that i still have time,
i'd take my own sweet time,
so the trick is to give me the idea that you don't have time to wait for me.

went to the cinema,
the queue was... --___________--lll
you know how crazy the queue in mid is,
but this is way beyond that.
it's crazy cube. (crazy x crazy x crazy)
end up i didn't watch a movie...

went window shopping,
and as i walked pass Aldo in gardens,
my eyes juz changed to auto-mode.
they automatically got glues to the shoes there.


the idea of owning a paor of Aldo shoes,
any pair would blow my mind away.

i L.O.V.E aldo shoes. >___________<

was initially gonna eat in sushi zanmai, but the queue was as crazy as gsc's.
so i ate in sushi king instead. --__________--lll

the thing about sushi king,
is that the service is not really good,
usually i have to wait for bout 10mins before the waiter comes and ask for orders.
and the food is more expensive than those in zanmai,
not to mention it doesn't taste as nice either.

but what to do.
was craving for sushi.

i got cheated for 10cents by the face shop lady.
they're having sale for nail polish by the way.
50% off!!! 
other products i have no idea.

so when i went to pay,
the lady asked if i have 5cents,
coz the thing is rm2.95
so i said no.
not a lot of ppl bring 5cents out.
then she juz handed me the receipt without telling me that they're out of 5cents.
it's like she's running away or something.
i don't mind you not giving me back my 5cents but you should at least tell me.

but after i paid for the nail polish,
i saw that the remover was 50% too,
so i bought it.
this time,
she asked me again.
and i said no. ppffttttt.. (didn't say this)XD

and same thing happened.

so i told her that this is the second time i bought something so she can give me back 10cents this time.
she finally decided to tell me that they're out of 5 cents. 
so i said fine,
give me 10cents.

and she said no, this is a "per receipt policy" in a roll-eyes way.

don't roll your eyes on me bitch.

i know, it sounds stupid to be upset because the bitch refused to give me back 10cents,
but i'm not upset about the money,
i'm angry about the f*cking attitude.
you just don't assume that your customer knows that you're out of 5cents.
you should at least tell, if not apologize.
it's a shop in the mall,
not some roadside stall.

sometimes the ppl selling stuff at roadside stalls are more polite
(maybe they curse you after you're gone)
but hey, it's better than rolling your eyes to your customers.

she was lucky i was in my ok-mood.
if i was in a bad mood,
she'd be explaining to her manager in no time.

consumer rights.
i have my right to get my change back no mater how small the amount.
the thing about Malaysians,
is that we don't like to "kira" so much.
that's how our rights are exploited.
if this happened in USA,
this might just become a lawsuit.

i heard from an american that there was once a woman sued McD for burning coffee.
she spilled some of the McD coffee on herself and suffered some quite severe burns.
she actually sued McD for making their coffee too hot.
she won, at first, a few millions for compensation i think.
but then McD appealed and she lost the second time.

can you imagine Malaysians doing this?
we'd probably blame ourselves for being clumsy.

don't let sellers do this to us.
if all of us stand up for all our 5cents,
they'll never dare to do it again. XD

phrase of the post:
je ne suis pas stupide (je ne s-wii pa stupid) = i'm not stupid.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. thanks to daniel a.k.a JS, ya'll can see the full youtube videos that i post!!! instead of just parts of it.
(screen size wise) yay!!

ooooooooo.... wait, forgot to post the video.

enjoy~ if i were a girl~~ wait, i AM a girl. XD
note: also check out the next video
(my last song for miley)