Tuesday, 25 May 2010

next stop.....?

juz finished watching 下一站,幸福 with my sis.

never liked taiwanese dramas... 
they're too slow...

and lame,
and predictable.

and they seldom have real normal life stories.

flip through the history book of taiwanese drama series and you'll find that 
about 80% have rich characters.
i mean really big corporate rich. 
not well off rich.

and 95% of them involves someone getting admitted into the hospital.
or bloodshed.

about 40% of them involves someone in 黑社会

hospital and bloodshed still acceptable.

but are there sooooooooo many rich people in taiwan?

and usually the rich people fall in love with the poor ppl and 
there's always disagreement from the parents.
and all the time they will ask the poor person to leave.

maybe that's what rich parents do....

but in the end they will be together
no matter what.

maybe that's what rich kids do.

love is all that counts.

coz they have the money ma....

and another thing about taiwanese drama

they like to repeat the theme song.
and a whole lot of the film.

only about 80% of the drama is new.
the 20% is repeated.

the thing about repeating theme songs 
is that
usually the theme song is very nice,
but after you finish watching the whole thing,
you'll hate the song.

coz it keeps reopeating.

the theme song for this drama
is 我爱他 By 丁当

posted this vid before,
but it's such a nice song
and nice things are meant to be shared. XP

and another song that i love a lot from the drama
我以为 By 品冠


poor guy....

i juz love his songs.
very sad songs,
but very meaningful.

he's the kings of sad sloppy love songs i guess.

this one is not from the drama,
but i think it tells the story of a lot of us.

后来的我们 一直都遇不上

another song of his.

the original singers are from a Malaysian group called Baby
the comments say that the original  version is nicer.

but i think they're the same. XP

you be the judge.

well the mv sucks but the singing is quite nice. XD

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i still prefer to stick with CSI. go facts!!! XD


  1. lol..i totally agree with u about taiwanese drama....so i prefer HK or singapore's one :-P

  2. Agree with u...the plot is always the same...

  3. heya^^
    visit you again
    Hmm i agree with you points
    but i love this drama so much
    and the song by 叮噹 is awesome XD

  4. haha... the plot is the same but a lot of ppl seemed to be hooked all the time. XP.. i love the song lots too. XD