Monday, 24 May 2010

the new way??

went to neway in Queensbay juz now.

dun really like it.

it wasn't open when we got there.
it's supposed to be opened before 11am.

that's the starting time for the earliest package(?).

but when we got there it was almost 11 and the steel gate thing was still down.

so we went for lunch first coz we didn't see the small words that said
"free 1 lunch and 1 drink or 2 drinks"

we only saw 
"free salad buffet".


by the time we finished lunch it was almost 11.30.

so we went in.

i dunno but these receptionist that work at karaokes 
are always rude.
they talk to us like they don't need the business.

and why the heck do they have this "tradition" of speaking cantonese?
we're in Penang... hellooooo..

i said this out loud 
and the girl who brought us to our rooms quickly code switched to mandarine..

i didn't enjoy my time there.
coz my friend was singing most of the time.

and the time was too short.
it ate 10mins of our time.
we can sing bout 5 songs in 10mins.

we juz skipped after half of the song. 
yet, it was not enough..

not going with them next time. >____________<

i didn't really like neway.
i think it's like the redbox concept.
even the cantonese.

price is almost the same.
paid RM33.80 for 3 from 11(30) to 1.30pm.
1 lunch set with drinks 
(even the menu look's like the one in redbox.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Do they have a website? Email this post to them XD

  2. haha... i dun think they will do anything about it...