Tuesday, 4 May 2010

my stupidity

i made a fool outta myself today.

i was finally feeling stressed for a subject.
and it's already my second last paper.

woke up at 6 something to start studying.

my exam was at 11.30a.m. 
i didn't started studying for the subject until 10 something last nigth.
i know, my bad.

so i was trying so hard to memorize so many things in about 3 hours time.
stressed is the word.

and another word,
sleepy. --__________--zzZZzzZZzzZZ

then when it was almost time to get ready,
i sent a message to my louise to confirm if we can bring a dictionary.


the impossible happened!!!!

i was studying for the wrong subject after all!!!

HAHAHAHAHAH!! --___________--llll

i was studying this
instead of this

and this

and i only realize it 45 mins before my exam!!!

totally panicked for 10mins...

then juz started flipping through the books and finding stuff to read.

luckily this french morphology. 
kinda more to the grammar side.
so if u paid attention during classes,
it should be fine.

turned out that i was fine.
finished it in 30mins.

louise left right after the 30min barring time. XD

but i still have to check mine.
always make stupid mistaked. --__________--lll

so after sitting for the exam for 45 mins,
J_Fish has left the building.
i guess the moral of the story,
is to check properly what the heck you're sitting for before the exam. XD

and another personal moral of the story is,
don't be stressed out for exams.
it's juz so not me...

like i said,
i've always been optimistic when it comes to exams and results. XP

phrase of the post:
je me fais suer (je me faye sue-a[like how we say the alphabet])= i make myself sweat. literal meaning. 

if someone says tu me fais suer, it means you bore me. (go away.)

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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