Friday, 14 May 2010

my current addiction part 2


america's next top model. 

well it's always been an addiction (when i have time and a good internet connection)

juz finished watching cycle 14.
i don't really like this cycle though...
the girls are a lot bitchier than the other groups.

and another thing,

i wanted the other girl to win... >__________<



nude photo below.

scroll past it really fast if you're 18 and below. XD

missed cycle 8 and 9 so i'm gonna go back in time.

gonna join a shoe painting competition tomorrow.

still thinking if i should go.

i don't really feel like doing it,
but i get to buy a pair of new shoes with RM15.
juz palas shoes but hey,
new ones.. XD

and i get a whole new experience.. 
i miss painting shoes anyway...
haven't come up with the design yet.

but it's gonna have something to do with mouse.

all my shoes has his name painted on.


went to watch Robin hood with dawn and meet her new bf.

a nice guy.

robin hood is a nice show too. ^____________^.

liked it.

it talks about  how Robyn Longstride became Robin of the hoods,
hence, Robin Hood.

it's quite interesting.

always found that the history of england and france interesting to study.
atleast their kings have short and easy to remember names.

and they put I, II, III and so on if their names are the same. XP

unlike some country's history that focuses only on certain things...

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. practiced guitar for a few hours juz now.
might post a video of me singing. XD

but it's juz a day's pratice so don't expect too much. =p

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