Friday, 28 May 2010

movies and stuff

finished watching 4 movies today.
3 not so recent and 1 hot out of the oven.

first movie
new moon. sequel of twilight.

i finally finished downloading it
coz the streamix uni pack that i applied is here already.

it's only ben 3 days since i handed in the form.

now we have wifi at home. ^___________^

bout new moon...

i thought there was going to be more fighting,
all romantic stuff.
kinda disappointed but didn't expect much from it anyway.

second movie,

saw a review about it in a blog few weeks ago,
and i found it today.

it was quite interesting.
about vampire being the majority 
and humans are being hunted down for blood harvesting.

and along comes a vampire doctor who tries to find a cure for vampire-ness
coz there are less humans around.

recomended to watch,
if you like dark films.

third film,
the most recently released film
(that's anticipated)

Prince of Persia.

i dun really find it very good.
didn't laugh at the jokes.

maybe i'm juz being miserable.

but my dad and sis liked it a lot.
so it's juz me.
action packed.
there are funny parts,
and nteresting stuff.

worth a watch.

fourth film,
valentine's day.

i finally understand why my sis says 
today was a fairytale by taylor swift is nice.

you have to watch valentine's day to fully understand the nice-ness of the song.

all about valentine's day,
how some ppl love it,
some worship it,
some hate it,
and some avoid having to spend it with someone.

hearts are broken and healed,
families too.
the thing is,
i find the most touching part 
only came out towards the very very end of the show.

and you can't belive how many twist there are in this chick flick.
like it a lot. ^_____________^

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. having toothache for the whole day and it's slowly but brutally killing me. T------------------T


  1. i didnt watch the movies you mentioned here.. how come i missed so many movies.. =/

  2. Me too, did not watch any of the movies~ They say prince of persia is too predictable.

  3. well i dun think a lot of guys would watch valentine's day or new moon unless dragged by their girlfriends. as for daybreakers.. i dun think a lot of ppl know about it. it's not well publicized.

  4. lol....obviously u love romantic lovey dovey films its biased :-P

  5. ive downloaded new moon but havent finished watching it yet. its too slow for me.

    ive watched valentine's day. pretty dissapointing considering all the hype the movie gets.