Wednesday, 12 May 2010

make-up and brains

the last time i came back,
my dad told me not to put my fake lashes.

he says that i makes me look like a bimbo.
and people will think that i'm dumb.

the thing is, 
what does fake lashes have to do with brains?

i don't think that i'm a dumb person.
i don't think that results in school can say if a person is dumb or smart.
it can only show if the person is hard working or not.

simple right?

if you are not really smart,
but you work hard,
you get good results.
if you're smart,
and you don't work hard,
you get so-so results.
if you're smart and you work hard,
you're a genius.

of course,
if you're dumb and lazy,
you get the privilege to be used as an example by mothers.

like this:
look at xxx. if you don't study hard you'll turn out to be like him /her. XD

back to the topic...

i don't think that everyone who cares how they look are dumb.
why do people who try to look nice have to be dumb?
there's no direct connection at all.

we might not be the best in class.
(doesn't apply to all)
especially *ahem* here.

but we can be smart.

i'm not saying that we're all smart either though. XD

if you wanna say that people who use make-up or go for slimming programs are dumb,

prove it.

mind you,
intelligence doesn't depend on what grades you get.

some people juz choose not to show that they're smart. 

it's like a blonde thing right?

not all blondes are stupid.

but if that's really the truth,
does it mean that asians are smarter?


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. i don't think iron man 2 sucked. i loved it. >____________<...

except the scarlett redhead johansson part..

why is she so featured anyway?

i still prefer virginia "pepper" potts. 
i mean Gwyneth Paltrow. XP

gonna watch Ip man 2 later. 

hmm.. ipron man?


  1. old is your dad? he's cool lah!

  2. I like the johansson part XD

  3. my dad is... let's say he's young at heart. XD

    i guess guys would like the johansson part more but i don't like that part. they should focus more on iron man. XP

  4. haha
    but ip man is still the best if compare to iron man 2 =p

  5. yup. agree. luckily i watched iron man first. XD

  6. stereotyping!

    hate it when people do that

    sori emo ;p