Sunday, 2 May 2010

land ahoy!!!

my junior sent a message to me telling me about a part time job.

it's an usher job but it requires us to speak french.
it pays at RM180 per day!!!

how good is that!

but i dunno the job scope.
it only says "greet guest at KLIA"
but the duration is 5 days and working hours are 12 hours long.

still dunno if i really should do the job (but i applied)
coz it's after i go back to sweet sweet Penang.
if i do it, 
it means i have to take the bus back.
8 more hours of traveling in a bus....

but then the pay is so tempting. >_______________<
and i get to feel how my future might be like.
i could do this kinda jobs part time
if the pay is always that good.
but i need to learn a few more languages.
especially european languages.
i saw another ad that's looking for the same thing,
juz that ppl are required to speak Arab.
the pay's Rm140.

another 1 that requires english speaking. RM100.

English market is so small.
i mean there are so many ppl who can speak good english in malaysia
but how many can speak good french or german or italian?

there are so many ppl who can speak korean and japanese too..
especially japanese.

i guess learning french is a good choice,
among languages if i'm going to put it into full use
and not sit at a desk in the office.

to work or not to work? that is the question.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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